Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Present For Him

Technology nowadays are getting better everyday. In fact i cannot even catch up to it. Mostly the teenagers does. But not only that, even smoking now is getting more high tech, there is now what they call it electric cigarette that my uncle is been wanting to have. I don't really know what's something to this cigarette since i don't smoke myself but my uncle said he loves this one. Well, i guess it time for me to return the favor since he was the one always spoils me when i was just a little girl. He loves to buy sweet treats for me, he is the best uncle i ever have. Now that i can buy him that is special for him, i would be so glad to have this for him that sure makes him happy. He doesn't know yet that i am going home soon, i can't really wait to see my uncle and the rest of my family of course. I don't really care if the trip is that tiring as long as i see my family then tiredness from trip will disappear. See you all soon there, it won't be long and i will be there with my kids!

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