Thursday, April 8, 2010

Naughty Baby Gets Time Out

What happened to my baby??? Does he look like he was having fun or screaming??? Actually he was just fussing on this photo i attached above. He just wanted to be picked up out from his crib so he could explore the whole house. Yes, he loves to crawl around and messes things up around inside the house. That's why i cannot even totally keep the house clean. Aside from him, his big brother makes a mess too by scattering all the toys he got and forgets to put them away soon as he is done playing with his toys. Although i keep on reminding him to put his toys away soon as he gets done with them.

This little one likes to drop everything what he's got inside his crib too and it just makes me tired by keep on putting back and forth all his toys. He loves to tease mommy a lot and he stares at me every time he drops his toys waiting what is going to be my reaction and if i stare him back he would give me the sweetest smile like he didn't do nothing, so innocent but sometimes i would say a very sneaky boy, lol! So this time, he gets time out for staying in his crib because he's been naughty, dropping everything even the stuff toys he's got and also the pillows and the blanket. Just look how furious he is on this shot, he was screaming and if he only could talk, he would say get me outta here, right now!!! lol!

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imelda said...

hahaha, one day when he gets to see this pic he will scold u for posting this pic lol.missed it here sis. ur boy is growing now. he is handsome