Friday, April 23, 2010

I Can See The Love

I was thankful i was able to take a nap earlier but woke up hearing my oldest son's cry. Was wondering why is he crying all by himself in the front room. I really thought he was hurt or something so i quickly jumped off from my bed and went straight to the front room where he's at. I asked him why is he crying. So he told me that his brother is missing. It made me smile because i remember i told him to watch his brother because i am going to take a nap. He was crying while telling me that he could not find his brother anywhere in the house. He tried to look for him but his brother is nowhere to be found. So i just hugged him and told him don't worry too much about his brother because he was crawling earlier headed to my bed and picked him up and gave him his bottle and fell asleep with me. So, my poor son was kind of relieve after i said that to him. And he said i should tell him and better not do that again to him. I can really see that he is concerned and also i can see the love he's got for his little brother.

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Ladynred said...

Ah ok na guro naa ka diha! error man. Anyway I wanted to say sweet na sweet ang boy. Love na love nya ang brither!