Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tired...Longing For Philippines

I just barely got up from the bed but i wasn't able to take a nap. I tried but i can't due to the chaotic surroundings i have here. There was a preschooler that keeps on screaming every time he wins his games on his computer and there was this little one that keeps on squacking because he wanted to be picked up from his crib. Hubby wasn't paying attention to the kiddos even though i already told him to watch the kiddos because i want to take even just a quick nap. Well, i failed, tried to close my eyes and closed the door and put the pillow on top of my head so i won't hear nothing but the noises around me seems like it's breaking my ear drum. Hubby was too focused of what he was watching on the television and didn't even bother to pick the little one up so he will settle down.

Anyway, i am still counting the days so i can go back to my beloved country. I really want to relax as in the total relax that if i want to take a nap i can do it without any hassle or any noise i will hear. I really need to recover so badly because i lost so much weight from taking care of my kiddos. I am not complaining although it may sound like it, but i have to take care of myself as well enable for me to take care of my family. I need to have time for myself and that would be perfect to do it if i am there in Philippines. At least i get to have some help over there, someone will watch my kids while i do what i want to do. Unlike here, it's all mine, all the house chores and pretty much the kiddos's needs is depending on me. Hubby is helping me though it is just that there is not much help i can get from him since he is tired from work during weekdays and i do understand that.

One month is not too long to wait but it seems like forever to me. I just have to find something else to divert my attention so i won't keep on counting the days to come for our day to fly to Philippines with my kids. Three months is i think good enough for me to relax and gain more strength to do the daily routine soon as i come back here in our humble home. I am also missing the food that i used to eat there, i am just too sick and tired eating meat over and over again since it is the only usual food we can get here from the grocery stores. They do have fish here but i don't even like them because they are fish from lake and it doesn't have taste to it. I so longed to be in Philippines.... One more month.... And there we go!

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