Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lose Weight By Nature

Some friends of mine have been asking me how did i lose my weight so quickly. They saw my pictures when i was pregnant and they could not just believe how big i was then and soon as i delivered my baby, i lost my pregnancy weights just like a snap of a finger. Well, i must say that i have a very strong metabolism because some of the mothers are having hard time to lose weight after giving birth.Not me! I don't take so much effort for that, especially now that i am more active to my offline world because i am the one who takes my son to his school and picks him up after with drag along baby with me. Take note! Not just the baby, also the car seat with him. It was funny because i often get a question that what is the most effective diet pills i took? So i told them that i even hate to take pills whenever i get sick how much more taking pills for losing weight? Well, some mothers really need it though because their metabolism aren't that strong like what i have. Don't get me wrong though, pills are effective to most people that wants to lose their extra weights, but for me, i don't need it no more because i lose weight naturally.

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