Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Not Too Bad

I was expecting a big storm today but i guess the wind blew it away. It's kind of dark here but it wasn't snowing that hard like what the weather forecast predicted. Hubby was a little worried last night because the wind was blowing like crazy. I could even hear the wind was whistling and banging some branches down. Hubby was picking up some twigs earlier with his little man helping him. The preschooler came in the house with cold hands and watery nose while holding his pretend stick gun that he found in our backyard.

He was so proud he found a pretend gun because he was so upset earlier that he found out his daddy broke the twigs apart that he kept by our garage. So his daddy invited him to go help him outside to pick those twigs so he will find another pretend gun. Luckily, his dad worked so hard to find for a replacement he just broke. It was still windy when they both came in but it wasn't snowing or raining anymore. I am just hoping that our weekend is going to have a beautiful weather because i am going to attend a bridal shower party of my niece in law.

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