Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Leave Me Alone Bumps

Lately i am having break outs on my face due to lack of sleep and tiredness. Whenever i get tired or can't sleep tight, i get break outs and it just makes me upset seeing those bumps on my face. I know it's time for me to take action for this stubborn bumps on my face again. Although i don't get these very often, but i am always ready to have a acnepril that my mom sent me. I kind of like it though because it works fine for me, i don't have to put cream on my face and look like a ghost just to get rid of the bumps, all i have to do is take one pill a day then i don't have to worry about these annoying bumps anymore, they disappear like they didn't showed on my face before. So, if you having some problem like mine, then you've got to try this, it works for me and i am sure it will on you as well.

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