Thursday, February 24, 2011

Scared? Or Worried?

Every morning i always am busy because i a have a little one and also a kindergarten that i need to take care of to get him ready for school. Even though he doesn't go to school that early (which i am thankful about, because i always sleep late), i still get very busy in the morning. Having two kids is a lot of work for me already. That's why i am so amazed by my mother for she was able to take care all of us, she's got nine kids and we all are raised well with good manners, good etiquette, and most of all, healthy and happy.

Anyway, it's a lot different here though because i am the only one that does everything in the house including the kids. Especially the little one, i really need to keep my eye close to him all the time for he cannot just sit or stay still, he's got to to have something to do that will keep him busy. There were one time that i caught him in the kitchen on top of the counter playing those knives in our butcher blocks. Goodness! He used the small ladder so he can get on top and reach the things that got him interested. I don't really trust him just being by himself though, i already had enough of situations that got me scared to death.

This picture below was taken yesterday. He was on top of his big brother's blue chair standing by the window. I was wondering why he was so quiet and watching so seriously outside. So i sneaked on him without him knowing i was there, i took a picture of him without his knowledge. He was so fascinated with those birds outside on top of the walnut tree, they were chirping and singing and pecking the branch, hoping they can get some worms or some food. But my baby looks like, he is scared or worried in this picture, doesn't he? This boy is really something and he sure is a lot different from his big brother which is more behaved and more serious type of kid.
Scared? Or worried?

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