Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentines Date With My Family

It has been awhile since i last updated this blog of mine. It's not that i am lazy though, i just can't find perfect topic to talk about and can't seem to find good words either. Anyway, i was going to ask you guys how was your valentines date with your partners go? Ours, like usual, hubby and i dated with our kids and it was a little late because the little one was not feeling so good and until he still cranky and sick. Whimpering in his sleep and whining when he's awake, doesn't me to put him down and wanted to be held all the time.

But hubby and i were glad that we were able to dine out last night. We both decided to go to Canyon since we've never been there for how many years now. We went straight to home depot first to get the things that we need for the house and stopped by at the mall to get the valentines gift for me. I was going to get the white bracelet but hubby told me that this watch below fits on me right, it looks good on my wrist rather than the white bracelet. So since it was hubby's suggesting it, i got this one instead of the white bracelet. I love it really, and it is very special for me because it was hubby who chose it for me. He bought me a digital watch six years ago and until now it's still working. I take care of everything really well especially if hubby is the one's giving it.
Valentines gift from hubby =)
After we got the watch, we headed to the pizza house where they have the most famous pizza for it is being baked through the firewoods and not through the oven. It was a very memorable valentines dinner date with my husband and our kids. Another unforgettable moment to treasure.

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