Saturday, February 19, 2011

Above Ground Pools

The kids are growing so fast and i can't stop them! Goodness, i was viewing last night all the photos of my kids when they were just babies and it made me realize that they are indeed growing, where did those time go? Time flies indeed! And this coming spring time and summer, i must say that they want to be out more often for they have been stuck inside the house all winter long. I hibernated myself and so are they, they cannot go outside without me watching them or their daddy.

I am planning to get an above ground pools to put it in our backyard this coming summertime. The one that my oldest son has before is now tearing apart. So for them to enjoy our backyard more, getting a mini pool is just perfect. And i don't have to worry about it when winter comes again because there is cover for it. It is neat though, it's like a car that has cover and worry not about it when the snow pours so hard.

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