Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Holiday Cottages Rentals

Who doesn't like to have a good vacation? Especially when you are stressed and exhausted from work maybe or from everyday house chores that you always deal with. Just like me, i am a stay home mother and a little exhausted about keeping the house clean, yet i can still never keep it clean, thanks to the two active kids in the house. It takes me hours and hours to put things away while it only takes minutes for my two boys to make the house chaotic again.

And also the other thing that i am whining about is the cold weather here, although i have been here only for not so long but yet i am just too tired of this freezing weather we have here, and i guess i have no choice but to live with it for i a live here now with my family. I would say, i am destined to get stuck into this place, though i did not like the bitter cold winter season here.

Since hubby and i love to travel a lot, we have been considering to travel to different places and not just here around the country, we are also thinking that it will be good if we can see some new scenic place such as in Europe or somewhere else. A friend of mine told me about the villas in Furteventura which is so close to where she lives and her family. She is a little excited when she knew that we are planning to have a trip where she's at so we can meet in person and we are so sure that we'll do a lot of talking, as you all know, girls like to talk a lot.

She said that there are some good holiday cottages in there for rent and it is also affordable. But first, i have to let my husband know about this to see what he thinks. I am excited to see her in person as well. She's been a friend online for so long and it's probably about time to meet her up and her family as well.

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