Sunday, February 20, 2011

What A Small World Indeed

What a small world indeed! A friend of mine for a long time is happen to be the best friend of my other friend. I did not know it until the first friend told me about her good friend that i found she is also my friend! Goodness, what a crazy world it is! Anyway, that's why i found out that the person that my friend was talking about is also my friend because she mentioned that this girl is going to Israel because she is going to take the summer programs in israel which she has been dreaming to go to that place. And now that she finally got her dream come true, i am sure that she is feeling like is in the cloud nine right at this moment.

Her flight will be this coming Friday and she is just so anxious, she packed her things long time ago already and looking forward for a good future that will bring her being in that place. She applied for an internships in israel and luckily she got qualified and now getting ready for it. Me and my friend which happens to be her friend as well, are just so happy for her success. I know that she will do good in there, and israel internships will take her to the top and bring her good future ahead.

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