Thursday, February 24, 2011

Motorcycle Helmets

Here i go again! Another headache due to lack of sleep. I slept late last night because i was chatting with my family back home. I always enjoy doing it despite the fact that i suffer a headache soon as i wake up in the morning. I guess i just have to take some pain reliever for this, it'll go away soon though. What's more important for me is i had fun and enjoy talking to my family.

My brother told me that he was looking for some Motorcycle Helmets for him and for our one brother. He did not like the one that was free from when we bought the motorcycle. There was two of them and he said that it is a little too big and heavy as well. He wants to buy that fits his head just right so it doesn't wiggle when he drives the motorcycle. Also the other brother complained about the free helmet he got, what do you expect? It's free anyway, so it's usually like that when it is free, not the best one that you can get. So, he showed me the helmets that he found on the net, he likes the most of their style and colors.

I honestly like their selections as well, they look so comfy and light. Since he got the white motorcycle and the other brother got the black motorcycle, i should say that this Shoei Helmets fits perfectly for both of them. I let them chose but they said that it will be up to my decision, so i asked them about what i thought it would be best for them and they were both happy when they saw what i chose for them. It's my happiness to make my family happy and it makes me smile whenever i see them gets excited for something.

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alex said...

Helmets are really necessary for safety and help alot. so everyone should use helmets while riding motorcycle..