Saturday, February 19, 2011

This Is Not Good, I Am Sick!

Name all the aches and pains in the world, i have it! Head that is burning and aching so bad, runny nose, sneezing endlessly, throat that is so dry and scratchy, sore muscles, and feels like i am going to have fever. I don't like getting sick for i know that even though i am sick, i am the only one that will do everything here inside the house, attending the kids and the never ending chores.

I want to get some rest, or maybe a full rest so i can recover quick, but i guess i can't get it knowing kids are all over the place, wherever i go they always follow me, the are like my tail, they can't just go somewhere and play. I wish Philippines is just an hour drive so i can just hop in the car and take off and get some help from family. In times like this, it makes me feel homesick because i wanted to be just by myself and get the full rest i want. Getting sick is no good at all because like what i said, no one can take my place and do all the things that i do here everyday. :((

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