Thursday, February 24, 2011

Prom Dresses

I just barely got done viewing all the JS prom party of my cousin. I could not believe it myself how much she has grown. It seems like she was only a baby when i had my first job and stayed in their house for awhile. I used to tease my cousin because she gets upset easy and gets mad at me and lock herself inside her room for hours and falls asleep in there. Now she just attended a JS party which means she is about to graduate in high school soon. Goodness, i feel old now! haha!

Anyway, i am glad to see her that she enjoyed the party according to what i saw to her pictures that she posted in the networking website. Her dress is gorgeous and it fit to her perfectly. The color choice was excellent as well, it matched to her wallet that she was holding. Her mom must did a great job for preparing everything for her. I also saw some of her classmates prom dresses, but there was nothing like hers, she stood out in the crowd and she looked like she is a princess in her dress. I remember i was able to attend the JS prom too but the dress i wore wasn't mine, it was a rental dress.

I love to wear dress myself, and i would like to collect some of it if i have budget for it. Though i have few already, but i was thinking that i should just have to hold on to it for now for i have no special occasions to attend to such as formal parties that i will be oblige to wear something like evening dresses. I sometimes dream to be in a ball and wearing a real nice gown myself and being praised how beautiful i am wearing my gorgeous dress. It might be just a dream for now, but who knows it might come true. That's just one of my simple dream that i want it to come true =) These are some dresses that i would like to wear, which of these do you think that will fit me good?


Michelle Sy said...

Whichever you decide to wear, always remember that prom night is for having fun. It's your time to shine. On topic, the black dress is what I'd wear for my prom.

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Jennifer said...

The silver dress, especially on that model, displays elegance and style. With the right accessories and hair stylist, you could like stylish on prom night.

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Florence Carole said...

I don't know how tall you are or what's your body type so I cannot say which gown would look good on you. What would you like to show off? Is it your legs? Choose a long sleek dress if you have long lean legs. You should also wear a complementary color.

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Michael Carver said...

Florence is right. You should buy a dress that works best for your body. Women with slim figure should try sheath-style dresses to show off their silhouette. A curvy woman, however, must consider an A-line dress to highlight the waist.

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