Monday, February 21, 2011

Recent Profile Picture

You probably hardly noticed that i change my profile picture here every so often. It's because i like to put the recent photos i have and you might not know yet or maybe some faithful readers i have here knows already that i am getting hooked into photography. In fact i created a site for it, so i can post all the pictures that i like to share to everybody. And you might want to take a peek to that site i have, it's Photography Is My Hobby...
Yours truly
Anyway, i again, changed my profile picture and this is my very recent self portrait. I took this yesterday, i attended a birthday party of a friend that is dear to me. We celebrated her birthday in a very simple way, yet it was a blast for her and we all enjoyed the night. Indeed a very memorable moment for her and for her dear friends who came, including me. She is a friend that is worth to keep in someone's heart for she has a good heart just like my other dear friends.

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