Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Gift Plan For Myself

When i got here in America six years ago, my husband bought me a dual time watch for me to figure out what time it would be in my country and at the same time i will see the time here as well. I was a little confused then so having a dual time watch is just easy for me learn the time easy. And until now i still have the watch, the battery has been replaced but the watch itself still looks good even though it is old already. It also still works just as good and what i like most about it is, it has a glow light so i can easily see the time during at night.

But since that this watch of mine served for a long time, i guess it's just about time to treat myself with my little income here through blogging and buy a new watch for me. I have been eyeing this fossil white bracelet watch. I just love how it looks and even though it doesn't have light (i guess), still this is the one that i am planning to get for myself. My birthday is fast approaching and this watch will be considered as gift for myself for turning thirty years of existence in this world. I already told hubby about my plan on buying myself a new watch and he said that it is a good idea and indeed, it's about time to replace my ever first watch that i got since i stepped my feet here in America.
fossil 2fossil 1fossil

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