Friday, April 30, 2010

Fashionista Me

When i was pregnant i talked to my friend that soon after i deliver the baby i am going to find me a job so at least i can support my wants. I don't want to depend to my husband to the personal things that i wanted to buy like for example purses, nice dresses, or lots of shoes. As mostly men couldn't really understand why their wives likes to buy a lot of each things. It's a woman's weakness i must say. No woman could ever resist not to buy at least 2 pairs of shoes, nice purses and nice dresses. I admit that i am one of those fashionista woman, and i want to buy my own things without letting hubby pay for all of it. Yes, hubby is complaining why is that i got a lot shoes and i am still keep on buying. Well, ask other women, see if they only have a pair of shoes in their closet, lol!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Not Too Bad

I was expecting a big storm today but i guess the wind blew it away. It's kind of dark here but it wasn't snowing that hard like what the weather forecast predicted. Hubby was a little worried last night because the wind was blowing like crazy. I could even hear the wind was whistling and banging some branches down. Hubby was picking up some twigs earlier with his little man helping him. The preschooler came in the house with cold hands and watery nose while holding his pretend stick gun that he found in our backyard.

He was so proud he found a pretend gun because he was so upset earlier that he found out his daddy broke the twigs apart that he kept by our garage. So his daddy invited him to go help him outside to pick those twigs so he will find another pretend gun. Luckily, his dad worked so hard to find for a replacement he just broke. It was still windy when they both came in but it wasn't snowing or raining anymore. I am just hoping that our weekend is going to have a beautiful weather because i am going to attend a bridal shower party of my niece in law.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Busted Light Bulb

Hubby and i didn't realized it not until we saw it last night. There were two men rang our door bell and when i opened the door, it was dark and i couldn't see those men's faces. Hubby wondered why our porch light didn't turned on although he already turned the switch on. So he checked it just a little while ago and found out that the light bulb was busted and needs replacement. Well, it's been there since i got here and probably been there for a long long time already. So i told hubby that since that light is now busted, he might as well replace the outdoor wall lantern and i have seen some nice ones at Murray Feiss. Our outdoor wall lantern looks old and dirty already and hardly you can see the glow of the light during at night because it has been covered by dusts. If not for those two men rang the door bell last night, we wouldn't find it out that our porch light is not working anymore.

Friday, April 23, 2010

I Can See The Love

I was thankful i was able to take a nap earlier but woke up hearing my oldest son's cry. Was wondering why is he crying all by himself in the front room. I really thought he was hurt or something so i quickly jumped off from my bed and went straight to the front room where he's at. I asked him why is he crying. So he told me that his brother is missing. It made me smile because i remember i told him to watch his brother because i am going to take a nap. He was crying while telling me that he could not find his brother anywhere in the house. He tried to look for him but his brother is nowhere to be found. So i just hugged him and told him don't worry too much about his brother because he was crawling earlier headed to my bed and picked him up and gave him his bottle and fell asleep with me. So, my poor son was kind of relieve after i said that to him. And he said i should tell him and better not do that again to him. I can really see that he is concerned and also i can see the love he's got for his little brother.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Unwanted Extra Fats

Losing weight nowadays isn't so hard anymore. I have seen quite a few remedy, solutions and regimen for burning fats and most of them are very effective to those who are using it. Here in America, losing weight is the major problem of most people here especially to those mothers like me. Some of them, soon as they deliver their very first child, finds it so difficult to get rid of their unwanted fats in their body. They wanted to go back to their before child/children figures but they are just having hard time. That's why i can't really blame them for trying everything just to have their original body figure back. I have heard about this a lot and pretty much of the reviews is quite impressive. So i suppose this works for a lot of people that wanted to get rid of their unwanted extra fats.

Leave Me Alone Bumps

Lately i am having break outs on my face due to lack of sleep and tiredness. Whenever i get tired or can't sleep tight, i get break outs and it just makes me upset seeing those bumps on my face. I know it's time for me to take action for this stubborn bumps on my face again. Although i don't get these very often, but i am always ready to have a acnepril that my mom sent me. I kind of like it though because it works fine for me, i don't have to put cream on my face and look like a ghost just to get rid of the bumps, all i have to do is take one pill a day then i don't have to worry about these annoying bumps anymore, they disappear like they didn't showed on my face before. So, if you having some problem like mine, then you've got to try this, it works for me and i am sure it will on you as well.

Gotta Have Energy

As an active mom, it's kind of tiring for me to keep up with my kids and the house chores at the same time. I've got to have lots of energy for me to be able to do the things that i must do. But there are times that i get really exhausted and can't believe how young i am still but i already have pains and aches that i can feel. I really need to take some joint supplement enable for me to be more tougher and stronger to keep going, especially my kids are getting bigger and getting more handful for me. I have a preschooler to take and pick from school while i have to drag along my little one with me because no one can attend him while i take and pick up his big brother from school. Whatta life huh? But i am not complaining, it makes me more challenged how to manage my time and my energy...

Hazel Eyes Baby

You might be wondering why i have not been blogging for these past few weeks. It's just because the awaiting moment is finally here. Spring is now here and i am loving it and so as my family. This is the perfect season for me to explore the nature and take lots and lots of photos as much as i can. Flowers are starting to bloom, insects are starting to show and birds are starting to fly and peck some worms by the trees or on the ground. I haven't been able to catch a good shot of birds but i am not giving up yet, and i won't that is for sure. As for now, i have tons of flower photos i got in my archive CD and will shoot more and more.

Aside from taking photos of what nature could offer me, i also make my kiddos as my subjects. They are just fun to take pictures of because it challenges me how they react soon as i point my camera to them. My eldest one hides his face or sometimes runs away soon as he realizes that my camera is pointing at him. The little one grabs my camera when he knows that the camera is right on his face. A very challenging hobby yet it is very fun, and i am learning more everyday. Just take a look at this shot i got, took the eye of my little one without him knowing it, as you can see he is looking straight ahead and not to me. He's got Hazel eyes and i just love staring at his eyes because i myself is wishing i have Hazel eyes like him, lol!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Naughty Baby Gets Time Out

What happened to my baby??? Does he look like he was having fun or screaming??? Actually he was just fussing on this photo i attached above. He just wanted to be picked up out from his crib so he could explore the whole house. Yes, he loves to crawl around and messes things up around inside the house. That's why i cannot even totally keep the house clean. Aside from him, his big brother makes a mess too by scattering all the toys he got and forgets to put them away soon as he is done playing with his toys. Although i keep on reminding him to put his toys away soon as he gets done with them.

This little one likes to drop everything what he's got inside his crib too and it just makes me tired by keep on putting back and forth all his toys. He loves to tease mommy a lot and he stares at me every time he drops his toys waiting what is going to be my reaction and if i stare him back he would give me the sweetest smile like he didn't do nothing, so innocent but sometimes i would say a very sneaky boy, lol! So this time, he gets time out for staying in his crib because he's been naughty, dropping everything even the stuff toys he's got and also the pillows and the blanket. Just look how furious he is on this shot, he was screaming and if he only could talk, he would say get me outta here, right now!!! lol!

Lose Weight By Nature

Some friends of mine have been asking me how did i lose my weight so quickly. They saw my pictures when i was pregnant and they could not just believe how big i was then and soon as i delivered my baby, i lost my pregnancy weights just like a snap of a finger. Well, i must say that i have a very strong metabolism because some of the mothers are having hard time to lose weight after giving birth.Not me! I don't take so much effort for that, especially now that i am more active to my offline world because i am the one who takes my son to his school and picks him up after with drag along baby with me. Take note! Not just the baby, also the car seat with him. It was funny because i often get a question that what is the most effective diet pills i took? So i told them that i even hate to take pills whenever i get sick how much more taking pills for losing weight? Well, some mothers really need it though because their metabolism aren't that strong like what i have. Don't get me wrong though, pills are effective to most people that wants to lose their extra weights, but for me, i don't need it no more because i lose weight naturally.

Job Search

I am so sure that boredom will strike me soon as i get back here. But before that happens, i have to look for a diversion so i don't get homesick once again. I already asked hubby about this and he didn't disagreed. I already looked some preferrable jobs that it's applicable for me through admin job search. They have lots of jobs to offer in every states. This is gonna be my first job here and i am hoping that i am going to love it because i have never tried to work even if it's just a part time job. Hubby told me that i will just try it and if not, i can always find something else that will divert my attention aside from taking care of the kiddos of ours.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tired...Longing For Philippines

I just barely got up from the bed but i wasn't able to take a nap. I tried but i can't due to the chaotic surroundings i have here. There was a preschooler that keeps on screaming every time he wins his games on his computer and there was this little one that keeps on squacking because he wanted to be picked up from his crib. Hubby wasn't paying attention to the kiddos even though i already told him to watch the kiddos because i want to take even just a quick nap. Well, i failed, tried to close my eyes and closed the door and put the pillow on top of my head so i won't hear nothing but the noises around me seems like it's breaking my ear drum. Hubby was too focused of what he was watching on the television and didn't even bother to pick the little one up so he will settle down.

Anyway, i am still counting the days so i can go back to my beloved country. I really want to relax as in the total relax that if i want to take a nap i can do it without any hassle or any noise i will hear. I really need to recover so badly because i lost so much weight from taking care of my kiddos. I am not complaining although it may sound like it, but i have to take care of myself as well enable for me to take care of my family. I need to have time for myself and that would be perfect to do it if i am there in Philippines. At least i get to have some help over there, someone will watch my kids while i do what i want to do. Unlike here, it's all mine, all the house chores and pretty much the kiddos's needs is depending on me. Hubby is helping me though it is just that there is not much help i can get from him since he is tired from work during weekdays and i do understand that.

One month is not too long to wait but it seems like forever to me. I just have to find something else to divert my attention so i won't keep on counting the days to come for our day to fly to Philippines with my kids. Three months is i think good enough for me to relax and gain more strength to do the daily routine soon as i come back here in our humble home. I am also missing the food that i used to eat there, i am just too sick and tired eating meat over and over again since it is the only usual food we can get here from the grocery stores. They do have fish here but i don't even like them because they are fish from lake and it doesn't have taste to it. I so longed to be in Philippines.... One more month.... And there we go!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Present For Him

Technology nowadays are getting better everyday. In fact i cannot even catch up to it. Mostly the teenagers does. But not only that, even smoking now is getting more high tech, there is now what they call it electric cigarette that my uncle is been wanting to have. I don't really know what's something to this cigarette since i don't smoke myself but my uncle said he loves this one. Well, i guess it time for me to return the favor since he was the one always spoils me when i was just a little girl. He loves to buy sweet treats for me, he is the best uncle i ever have. Now that i can buy him that is special for him, i would be so glad to have this for him that sure makes him happy. He doesn't know yet that i am going home soon, i can't really wait to see my uncle and the rest of my family of course. I don't really care if the trip is that tiring as long as i see my family then tiredness from trip will disappear. See you all soon there, it won't be long and i will be there with my kids!

Snowing In Spring

One thing that i really don't like having here during springtime in Utah is the snow. Yes, we still get snow here during spring time and i so hate it. The buds started to come out already but then when the snow comes, because it is too cold for the buds to grow, they die instead. It makes me feel bad for the farmers because their fruit trees will start to get some buds and then later on they'll die because they get frozen. Utah weather sure is very unpredictable that's why people here get sick very often due to the sudden weather change. People would be so glad that sun is up and the weather is fine but then a day after or that very night the weather will change from sunny to gloomy then it will snow. I am just hoping that this is the last snow we are going to have because my oldest son is a bit bored inside the house already, he wants to go out and ride his bike but i didn't let him still due to the very unpredictable weather that might make him get sick.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's Day Alright!!!

My little potato dialed 911!!! How? Here's the full story:

I picked up the phone from the base when i got up because i saw the phone base was blinking, it means there's voice mail. I woke up a little late because i wasn't able to sleep straight the whole night last night. Keep on waking up and it took me ages before i went back to sleep finally. But anyway, because i got up late, i have to hurry and prepare something for my kiddos. I gave my oldest one a bowl of cold cereal while i put my little potato on the floor so i can make his cereal as well. I didn't realized that i also put the cordless phone on top of our coffee table. My little potato must have grabbed it and played with it. He accidentally dialed the emergency 911 call and must have pushed the TALK button while he was slobbering on the phone. I wasn't aware on it, i grabbed the phone away from him telling him that it's not a toy and didn't pay attention it was on call.

I fed my little potato and suddenly our door bell rang. When i opened the door there was two cops greeted me good morning and asked me if there is something wrong happening why we called 911 emergency call. It got me puzzled, so i told them i didn't call 911 and there is nothing wrong going on inside the house. The one police said, they just barely received the call. So i let them came in to my house just to end their suspicions that something is not right. I checked the phone and to my surprise, there was this last dialed, 911 emergency number!!! Of all the numbers in the whole wide world, my little potato dialed the emergency one!!! What a clever boy he is! So, i asked apology for the two policemen, they really did a great job for checking on us even though it was just an unintentional call. I also thanked them for being such an attentive servicemen. They left and i promised them that our phone should be baby's out of reach so it won't happen again and i really am hoping it will never happen again. This is the very first time that happened to me since i got here in America, my oldest one never did this to me, only this little potato of mine, freaking scary! He got scared the heck out of me, lol!

But anyway, did you get FOOLED???? Well, me too!!! A little after that, i woke up. I got fooled by my own dream too. I am so glad it was just all a dream and it wasn't real. I really thought it was, because it seemed like it was really happening... My heart was pumping really fast soon as i got up. I really am hoping now that my dream won't happen in reality because if it will, i might panic because i have never called emergency 911 yet for my kids or my kids dialed the number to get some help because i passed out or something lol! But since today is April Fools Day, i would like to grab the opportunity to give you warnings that BEWARE of APRIL FOOL'S DAY! Enjoy the rest of your day everyone!!!