Friday, August 17, 2007

Got Another Tag!

Shabem left a message in my chatterbox telling that she finally did the tag that i passed to her.So i went to her site & checked it out & i found something interesting in her site,i was fascinated & amazed!So,i couldn't help it but to try it myself.Thank you so much Bem for giving the site,i did really liked it.Anyway,here's what i found in her site & i tried it with my picture in it.
Well,well,well.I haven't had a meme here in my house for a while which is fun to answer those questions.Good thing Pretty Mommy Jenny got me tagged & here it is!Thanks Jen!Appreciate it so much,keep the tag coming!lol!I'm tagging
Ivy,Janine,Haze,Lotis,Anne & Bulak.

My name: Darlene

Childhood ambition: Nurse

Fondest memory: When i had my first job

Soundtrack: I'll Stand By You

Retreat: Living room watching my favorite tv series

Wildest dream: To be a millionaire so i can go back home anytime i want to & help people out there in our neighborhood.

Proudest moment: When I had my baby

Biggest challenge: Raising my Son

Alarm clock: My Son

Perfect day: Going to Lake with my family during winter so we can walk above the frozen Lake

First job: Checkline Inspector in Electronics Company

Indulgence: Salty & Sour food

Last purchase: Fabrics

Favorite movie: Too many to mention
Inspiration: My family

My life is: To spend time with GOD,family & friends.

My card is:
Mastercard but i'm not gonna tell what bank lol!

Happy Weekend ahead guys!Enjoy!


Midas said...

Wow, I love the phots you did Darlene. Is it hard to learn it? I wanted to because everytime I attempt to a portrait of all my children, they're never staying still would be nice if I can just cut and paste their pictures for one decent poster shot.

Love this meme.

Daf said...

happy weeekend sweet_darl! ka nindit sa mga lates pics oh!! taasa naba ana imong hair oyy heheh!shiny kaayo sah...
take care!!! enjoy ko read sa mga entries nimo!!! pass sako anang tagay kay g-tapulz ko buisy ko spend time sa akong family and relatives!!!
bawi lang ko puhon..

aesia said...

Hello darl sus salamat kaayo nga apilan ko nimo ani tagay, hmm dugay ra ko hinuwat ug naa mo tagay nako gyud. thanx ha ako gyud unya ni tubagan.

OI nice lagi kaayo na imong mga pictures, gi uns aman na nimo?

texas_sweetie said...

Ah garaa ra ah pang exhibit man ang iyang kaanyag hehe..nagtingsi ko nag atubang diri kay tiaw mo na pang art kaau ang face oi

jennyr said...

katawa man ko anang mga pics oi!LoL! halos parepareho btaw gyud ta anig tubag Darlz. lahi na gyud mananay bah, mga ulirang ina na ta ani,hehehehe!

haze said...

nice art Darls kinsa naghimo ana si Shabem???Thanks ani sa tag ha...will sure do it....happy weekend diha ninyo

Melody said...

hi darl, my very first comment to posts, anyway it's quite clever the way the picture was's great to look at.. interesting!

janine said...

we'll do this today..thanks sa tag..hey could you give me the site anang imong picture? manundog ko..lolz..send lang nako sa email ha thanks.mwaahhh

Shabem said...

Na addict gani ko darlz sa site hehehe.... nindot man tan-awon gyud murag naa sa museums naka hang ato photos ba. Maayo kay gi try pod nimo dayon. Cool answers! Bitaw ayaw i share unsa na bank tulison niya ka LOL.