Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Biggest Nights For Me

Sis Joyce got me tagged on this.Here's my answer sis,thank you so much!
I'm tagging,Haze,Anne,Rain,Lotis,Ivy,In-In & Melody.

Rule: Name five of the Best Nights of your Life and then tag friends.

1.When my hubby proposed marriage to me.That was the sweetest words that i ever heard.This is what he had said to me "MATAMIS,I didn't feel regret at all to come this far coz you're worth than the ring that i'm holding right now that i'm about to put in your finger"

2.When i found out that i am pregnant.And it's a boy!

3.When i received the appointment notice from the embassy, it's just telling me that the petition is on progress.

4.When i delivered my baby despite of my sufferings & pain it's worth it! My son was out from my tummy healthy & big, weighing 9lbs.

5.When i got here in america & after 3 days we finally tied the knot.I'm taken!I guess i don't have much choice now,lol!just kidding!

And oh by the way,later this afternoon we are going to a county fair,for sure there's gonna be lots of pictures again.I will post it on Monday.Happy Saturday to everyone & happy Sunday for tomorrow!


Ivy Sterling said...

Hi darl! thanx for tagging me again, hehee pasencya na ha nga ako gyud gipa agup upan ang una nimo na tagay before na ko na post.

haze said...

oissst musta diha inday darlene???salamat sa tagay ha nindota ug big nights uy mag think pako sa akoa hehehehe....happy weekend again!!!

Merydith said...

Thanks Darl sa Monday na siguro ko ni mabuhat kay adto mi sa zoo ugma. Sos pariha diay ta. I had a rough time with my Francis. TC!

Peremil said...

hi darlene piskay ayo u blog i like it,madelmumar at frienster,

kitty said...

salamat sa tag, dear Darlene! I will do that bago ako matulog ngayon. you always never fail to add me sa tags mo *hugs* thank you! thank you so much. hope all is well with you and your family. sana lang magkatime ako more to do a lot of stuff, I am missing out on a lot sobra. dibale silip silip lang ako. take care!!