Thursday, August 9, 2007

Edited Photos

I am soooo bored!Today is a day before a big celebration in our place back home.On August 10th will be the Fiesta in our small island place in bohol called PANGANGAN ISLAND.On that day too will be the GREAT ALUMNI HOMECOMING,from the very first batch of that school until the recent graduates (2007).Too bad i can't attend that very special celebration.I just couldn't understand what i feel right now.I want to go home but how?No money si Honey kafaet!And besides,i just had my vacation recently this year last FEBRUARY 22 until MARCH 15.But you know what?I feel so regret that i went home that time,i just got so excited then that's why my very first vacation wasn't that well planned.But anyways at least i had my vacation,i'm still lucky coz some didn't able to go home for a long long time.So instead of keep thinking about the big coming celebration to be held in our precious small place,i decided to open my photoshop & edit some photos that i just googled tonight.Mostly my subjects are flowers & butterflies.I just want to share these photos that i edited that made me feel good after i did all these.Hope you'll enjoy viewing my edited photos.

Water Color Effect Field
Black & White Butterfly & Background
Edited Background
Edited Background

Edited Background
Black & White Background Effect

Black & White Background Effect
Oil Paint Flower
Black & White Background
Black & White Sunflower
Black & White Background

They are just simple edited photos though.Mao nalang na akong gihimo kay aron medyo maulian ko sa akong kaminghoy diri tawn.Kay kaulion gyud akong dagway.And oh last one,this is a photo of my hubby's younger brother with his kids. Actually it is suppose to be a complete happy family but things had changed in their lives. Their Dad & Mom got divorced when they were young so their grandfather (thier dad's father) wants me to erase their mother on this photo,his youngest son(my hubby's youngest brother) tried to erase her but it came out so obvious that she's been erased in this photo.I tried & i think i certainly made it look nicer than the original photo.Take a look at this!

Before this is edited by my hubby's youngest brother

My Work

I'll just let you guys judge my work.


aesia said...

good work darl, master gyud kaayo ka ana. hmm ako gusto sad ko maka mao ana like ana n pic nga nag linbgkod ka wearing short and pink blouse with black and white background. gi unsa man na nimo i really want to learn how to edit like that.

ug kana pic pud sa family sa younger brother sa you hubby nice job dli gyud ilhan nga gi erase ang mother nila.

Mimi said...

Wow! You're amazing artist! Good job! I did the same thing with my daughter's passport photo since it is really hard to take her to the photoshop since she wont cooperate what I did was to do it myself with the passport photo software I got and with my photoimpact tools too. It works!

jennyr said...

katawa man ko nimo darlz oi imo man giputol ang ulo sa babae,hehehehe! btw, about the camera oo nga nindot ang DSLR pero kapuy sad ra ba minsan kay complicated. dli parehas sa point & shoot btaw. but then i really wanted it to play with the lens and all, wla man katapusan akong wants kse now that i have it, kailangan napod nko nice lens like a telephoto one! hay nakuh life talaga! pero kabalo ka if u have photoshop and some photo actions, u can make those pictures of urs brighter and better! katong akong samples gani, it wasn't from my camera, point & shoot lang yun and i edited it sa Photoshop. U see the big change? so, consider that too kahit na point & shoot camera mo ngayon. just a tip!

haze said...

hello darls nindota gud pagka edit ana? tudloi ko ana woi palihug hehehehehe

lotis said...

very nice work dah.. believe jud ko nimo ba..

Annie said...

wow ang galing day ah... di gyud halata sa

Midas said...

Darlene, just curiuos why you erase that woman's face?

On the other hand, I would really like to learn how to do this because when taking pictures, my 5 children never ever stay and post together.