Saturday, August 11, 2007

It's Worth It!

This morning my good friends & i went to yard sale just around the town.We've been doing this since couple of weeks ago every Saturday early in the morning til' noon.My main reason why i go to yard sale because i've been collecting big denim blue pants so i can cut them into blocks coz i'm doing a project,a queen size quilt denim blanket.I got lucky this morning because hubby doesn't have overtime so i left our son while he was still asleep.Last time i have to drag along my son coz nobody can attend him and hubby had his overtime at work.What's funny about my son is we can't leave every house without taking any toys,& you know what?They find him cute so they just gave all the toys he took.Whatta silly boy i have!Eventhough his toys are laying around every corner of our house still he wants more!I guess that's all kids are.They get fascinated of new toys in their eyes but later on they'll get tired of it & neglect it after. So this morning was really pretty good.I got lots of fashion jewelries but guess what?I got a real 10k gold bracelet for only .50 Cents & a real pearl necklace for only 5 dollars,can you believe it? I was just guessing that they sell their things so cheap because they said they're moving out to another place.Oh well good for me!I got to buy those very precious things that i cannot buy in store for those kind of price,lucky me huh?I also bought some Mary Kay products for only .50 cents each.I saw some Loui vitton (correct me if my spelling is wrong) purses & it's new they're still sealed in a plastic bag & never been used.But i didn't bought it coz the price is too much for me although i know those branded kind of purse are really expensive when you buy it in store.I just said to myself i won't buy stuff that i will regret buying it later on.I will never get tired going to yard sale coz who knows what you gonna get in there?Like my bracelet,it cost me only 50 cents,it's really worth it huh?More than worth it!So to show you the stuffs that i'm talking about i took pictures of 'em so you can see 'em.
The 10k gold bracelet
The White Pearl Necklace
Mary Kay Products

I realized that yard sale here are much cheaper than the Ukay-ukay in pinas & they are rest assured that it's been used.Unlike here,the yard sale sometimes you can get things that's never been used.I chatted with my sister early this morning before i went to yard sale she was kinda jealous she was wishing she's here so she can go with me lol!


Midas said...

Hi Darlene, yes, I'd love to exchange links.

I used to go to yard/garage sale. I was always attracted to books. I don't think I ever bought an article of clothing. Most of my purchases are pens and books.

I don't go yard saling now because it's tough with 5 children running around in someone's yard. I always get nervous that they might get lost in the crowd.

palakangbisaya said...

waw, ninduta guro anang yard sale sa? the things I could find and buy.. hehe

jennyr said...

nah! ako ra ba mag garage sale ko karong saturday! unta daghan ko customers...i need to get rid off a lot of my junk!lol!