Friday, August 10, 2007

The MOST Things In Me

I just got this tag from Sis Joyce,so i am thinking that i will post this tonight might as well i don't have recent updates in my blog.Thanks Sis for tagging me,really appreciate it.I'm tagging,Haze,Ivy,Lotis,Anne,Bulak,Irel,& Janine.


You have accomplished:Being a loving wifey & a caring mommy

Disappointment:I wasn't able to continue my studies to college,i am a highschool graduate only, i guess that's it.

Where you spend your time on:Taking care of my Son,Blogging, & watching TV

You have neglected:Clean clothes need to be fold,The floor that needs to be sweep.My laziness strikes again.

You have collected:Shoes,Clothes,Purses,Hats & Sexy Underwears

Item you take care of:Digital cam,Video cam,Sewing machine & of course my wedding ring

Moment you were happy:When hubby proposed marriage to me & when i delivered my Son

Angry you've been:When i encounter idiots & hypocrites

You have cried:When my mom was rushed into the hospital due to heart problem.I was here & i was helpless then.

Pain you've experienced:(Physically)giving birth (emotionally)when i was young i encountered lots of trials & hardships on my way as i grew up.

You have been teased about:Being small & look younger than how i look(it's a compliment really lol!)

Prettiest time you've felt:During my wedding day

Ugliest time you've felt:My childhood times

You've been loved by: My mother,my siblings,my hubby & my son of course

You love:My Family,my Hubby & my precious Son

Word you used:Goodness sakes!

Item you've used:Computer

Food you made:Tinolang Lapu-lapu

Amount you have spend in one time:25 bucks for yard sale

You have spend on:Yard sale

You have screamed:When i get furious & upset

Game you have played:Literati,text twist,& pool(yahoo games)

Weekend is coming again.Happy weekend guys hope you'll enjoy!


Anonymous said...

hello gwapa mana nako buhata maam heheh anwyany enjoy teh weekends:) mwah

kitty said...

hello, darl! alam mo ba namangha ako dun sa photo editing na ginawa mo ah,maganda nga yung ginawa mo so perfect! alam mo bang hindi ako marunong gumawa ng ganun? hehee I wanna learn how. any tips? lol.. anyways natuwa lang ako dun, so how are we today? hope ok lang kayo dyan, mwahhh take care and God bless!

Midas said...

Darlene, I noticed your comment about education. It's not too late you know. This is america. You can take GED. You can take one class at a time when your child goes to school.

Talk to hubby about it...I think you would enjoy school. Take a little bit of something, anything, because before you know it, another 5 years have passed.

I was actually pregnant twice during the last years of my college. I barely missed going into label during my graduation by one day.

If you want someone to "harrass" you about this...leave me a message. I think school is a great idea. Community college is not very expensive if you are worried about money. Take one class at a time.

Well, I guess you can guess now what my stance in education. Sorry to leave such long comment. :)

Nita said...

Hi, nice answer sis Darlene. Musta na beauty diha? Hope you have a happy weekend!