Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stressed And Depressed

Dealing with acne problem isn't easy. Some people get depressed just because they are having it. And to those people that are looking for a perfect solution to their problem, they might want to check out the perfect skin reviews. I am sure they will find it very helpful and who knows, it might be the long awaited treatment they have been looking for. So if you are having a bad acne problem, check the reviews and read it for yourself, i know it will give you more knowledge on how to prevent it and how to treat it so you don't have to be stressed and depressed.

Learned It On My Own

I have been asked by some of my friends online if i went to school for cosmetology. They were wondering if i really did because i put on my make up just right. Telling you honestly, i don't really know how to wear make up not until i got here in America, and no one taught me personally. I just learned it by looking at some celebrities's faces and studied how they put their make up on. From then on, i started to realize that i am slowly learning on how to wear make up right.

It was funny during my wedding day, it was a Filipino girlish guy who put make up on me, but i did not like the outcome at all, i looked like i was swollen because of the make up, but since that was a rush hour time, i had no choice but to just deal with it. That's probably why i am learning how to put my make up on now because i don't want to be looking like what i looked like during my wedding day, horrible look, lol!

These are my recent shots i got, i just had these this past Sunday. We went to Salt Lake City with my friends to visit a sick friend and went shopping afterwards. Some of my friends asked me and told me to teach them. Honestly, i don't really know how to put make up on to others, i just know how to mix and match to my own face. I am a little scared to do it to others or i might screw up and they'll look unpleasant haha!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Getting Himself A New System

Hubby is a little excited because he wants to get a new home theater system. He got one already and he is planning to give it to my brother since he had this system for awhile now. He loves the new system, it's new and has new features to it. The old one will be sent to my family back home which is still working just as great. There's nothing wrong with it though, he just want to get the new one. It's somehow a treat for himself since he worked hard for his money and he deserves to get something that he love for himself.

Cute Corsets

One woman thing that i currently don't have yet is the corsets. I thought i would not look nice if i wear it but when i tried my friend's corsets, it made me decide that i have to get some for me. I already look through the net and found some good deals and pretty ones that i really want to get for myself. It's also affordable and there's one that i want to wear it this coming halloween, it's a cute one that has short pink skirt. It kind make me excited and looking forward to wear it for the perfect occasion.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Water Damage Claim Tips

Is it really spring yet? Because i can't feel it yet. It's so depressing knowing that it is officially said it is now spring already but then we still have the cold temperature here where we live. Hubby and i are looking forward to do the things that we usually do every year but then we can't do it yet because of this unpredictable weather we always get. We're planning to do the general cleaning in the house, inside and out. We'll squirt the walls outside with water so to get rid of the scums and dusts, to make the walls looks new again.

And inside the house we'll do the carpet thorough cleaning. Hubby needs to fix the pipe in the kitchen sink because it always clogs. I have been searching tips on how to fix it easy. Also, i searched some water damage claim tips. Hubby said he should be done before summer comes because it'll be too hot for him to do all these things when it's summer already.

Good thing i found a site that led me to the site what i was looking for. My friend told me that she also just had a general cleaning in her house and her hubby fixed a lot of things and also hired a company that does some other fixing that they want to get it fixed. They hired the most known water damage specialist austin whom they trust through all these years, she said that their service is so excellent and worthy. Every year, they always make sure that everything is in order and checked things making sure that they are working and not damaged or broken. It was just few months ago when they had to call the company that does the water damage floors austin. Ah, i can't wait to get ours done as well so we'll be all ready for summer and we'll have our getaway plan going.

Match 3 Games

There are a lot of games online to enjoy, yet there are also some that are not good especially for kids. My son is been playing games online since he was three years old and i always make sure that he doesn't get into a website that has a kind of disturbing or violent games, such as shooting games or something. Ever since even before i had my eldest son, i am already not fond of these kind of games. I'd rather teach my kids to learn how to play board or brain storm kind of games, that way, it will educate them.

Anyway, i found a good website that teaches my five year old son the match games, it's called, Match 3 Games. It's a fun game for my son to play, there's a lot of games in this website to choose from. And take note! It's not just for kids, i also found some games to this site that i really love playing such as board games and puzzles. I love this Match 3 Games Online, it is entertaining most especially when i am just right sitting here in front of my computer doing nothing.

My oldest son wonders if he could also do the Match 3 Games Download, since it is downloadable. Like what i said, games can teach kids but there are some games also that aren't good because it's too violent and more on war kind, too much for kids, they will eventually learn to be violent if they will keep on playing those kinds.

Monday, March 21, 2011

He Is All Well!

There is no other things that makes the mother panic and scared except when a child gets high fever. Most of my loyal visitors probably knew already that i lost a little girl and that left me a trauma that every time my two boys gets sick, it always flashes in my mind what happened to her. I guess that is normal feeling if you lost a child.
He's been sick for three days and now he is all well, thank GOD!
My youngest got sick three days ago and was not too worried about it for two days for he only had a slight fever. But then on the third day he had a really high fever that made me panic. He woke me up with his heavy breathing and when i touched him, he was shivering that got me scared. So i woke up hubby and told him that i need to take our little one to the doctor so he will be checked. Hubby tried to calm me down, i was crying and restless. I was not able to sleep right after then, and watched my little one every second.

When the sun rose, i made an appointment right away to a pediatrician. Luckily there was an available time for him to be seen, since it is usually hard to get an appointment impromptu, knowing it was weekend. It was 11:15 in the morning when we went to the doctor's clinic and the doctor said he got a viral infection. I am so glad that he didn't have a serious illness or something. And now he is well and eating again. I am so happy that my son is now again, active and playful.

When situation like this happens, i get scared easy, then a lot of things will come in my mind that i really don't like thinking about it. I am too weak when it comes to things like this, i would rather get sick than seeing my kids getting sick, especially my little one who can't talk yet and can't tell me what is hurting him. But, mommy is so happy now, he had overcome that bad virus. And of course i would like to thank this to all to the BOSS above for taking care of my little one and for healing him so fast.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rubber Recycle

Spring is almost here! And i can't wait! I can almost smell the buds that are showing and now ready for spring to bloom their beauties! The kids are also excited, i just can tell. They will be out more often and play at their swing set. But too bad the swing set is a little muddy because it has been raining lately. Hubby said that we'll have to put something on the ground so the kids won't get dirty when they play over there.

The rubber mulch will be just as perfect to put on the ground where the kids's swing set is. It is a rubberecycle that's why it'll be soft for them if ever they fall and will help them not to get hurt. Unlike the chopped barks, there's a possibility that it could hurt them when they fall and it might poke them. This mulch is really the best for playgrounds. It's bouncy and gentle to the kids for it is just like a rubber mat that we usually put on to the kids's rooms.

I saw this first at the party we attended and they have a big landscape mulch where the kids can play as long as they want without the parents getting worried if their kids get hurt or something. This is really a cool idea, and parents like me that didn't know this before might want to take a look at it and see it for yourself that indeed this is the best that you can put on your kids playground or their swing set.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

House Renovation

There were lots of time that i wished i have a job so i have a good amount of money that i can send to my family back home. It's not that hubby is not giving me any, it would be a lot nicer if it comes from my own pocket. You know what i mean, being independent from hubby. It's good to know that hubby loves my family as much as i do but for me, it would be good if i am the one's supporting my family back home with my own income.

One thing why i wished i have a job is because we have a house in south part of my country that needs a total renovation. It sure needs a big amount of money to get it done. I would love to see it finished before we go back there to have a vacation so we can stay to that house where my siblings and i were all born and grew up. I want the roof to have waterproof coating so when it rains the water slides off easy. The roof mastic will do a good job on that i know.

Although i have no budget and no plan when to do the renovation of our house yet, i already have an idea what color would i want for the roof paint. I want it dark color so when it gets dusty, it won't be so noticeable. Oh how i love to see that house being fixed, i sure have a lot of memories to that house that it's still fresh in my mind until now, bad and good.

Mind Blowing Movie

Do you like watching suspense/horror movies? Or even those sci-fi movies? When i registered to an internet movie website, i started to get hooked by these interesting movies i have been watching. There was one movie that keeps on flashing back in my mind because i thought it's pretty interesting and mind blowing kind. There was this one guy works in a company as a technician but he was not being treated nice by his superior so he was able to do something with all the computers in the building without them noticing it. He used his Keylogger for him to control every computers in there and no one can open it except him. So he left the building with people wondering why can't they access their own computers in their desks.

The company owners looked for him all over the place so he can open the computers for they were hiding something very confidential and they wanted to get that out from the system. But they failed, he was able to control the computers even though he did not work in there anymore. He was able to see what are these company people are trying to do just to get all the computers to work back but to no avail. Desperately they looked for him, that confidential files they were so eager to get, was a very important file of a syndicate people. He's so smart in computers and at the end of the movie he put a timer to all the computers and blew them all up. But the files that these people were looking for is already in his hands and he surrendered it to the authorities.

A very nice and interesting movie like this makes me want to sit in front of the computer all day long. I somehow learn something every movie i watch. That's why i love watching these kind of movies. It makes me think that it could possibly happen to reality.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Genuine Kind Of Person

It was a perfect Sunday for me and for my friends! We were able to bond and had so much fun at her place with my bestfriend. She and her husband prepared such good foods for us and we felt like we're so special everytime we go to their place. She also has a son that is about same age as my youngest that is why i like going there a lot to her place because my son can play with her son too while we ourselves are busy talking, singing and eating.

And earlier was another fun time with her together with her happy family. Her husband is so nice, he's the one who cooked all the food just to have us there in their place. He told me that it makes him happy when he sees his wife happy because we visited her. She only got few friends and we're one of those few she has. She hardly go out because she has no friends that she can hang out with. So we go visit her place instead so she won't be bored. I promised her husband that we'll visit her as often as we can and we'll have some fun in the house again and again.

She is one nice girl and i like her very much because of her happy attitude, she likes to laugh a lot and i can just tell that she is a genuine kind of person and a very likable one. Well, anyway after we ate the delicious dinner they prepared, we had a good time talking and picture taking of course... Here's two of the few i got during our stay in her place earlier...

Debt Free Soon

It won't be long now and my credit card will be paid off. I have been trying to pay it as much as i can so i have nothing to worry about anymore. It isn't that much though but still i would love to have it fully paid so soon. When we get our state tax refund, hubby said he will be putting all the money to my visa so my credit card will be the least of our worries after that. I only have one credit card, i don't have a lot of credit cards like the others that ended up worrying too much with their debts in different credit cards because they were not being careful to apply for a credit card and they will find out later on that it has high interest on it.

There are a lot of best credit cards that you can get, you just have to be more extra careful which one to choose. Some of them seems so sound promising yet after you register yourself into it, you'll find out that you will be paying the high interest that you did not expect it to have. Well, you fell into their catch. That's why hubby is keep on reminding me not to get convinced with these too good to be true credit cards because they are the one's that has the most high interest when it's time for you to pay it off.

Visiting The Countryside

My oldest son is excited when he found out that we're invited to our out of state friends to go visit their place. He love it there for it is more of a countryside place, he can play with our friend's son over there without us being worried that they might get into the street. They have a real big farm and my son wanted to bring his bike with us when we go travel soon. Well, i guess hubby has to buy a thule bike racks to put it on top of our car so we can drag his bike along with us. That's a cool idea, and i might want to bring mine as well so i can ride my bike and roam around to their big farm.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Progressive Dieting

I am so happy to see the progress of the hard work of my friend! She absolutely lost so much weight that made her look good even more! She was so depressed a couple of months ago because she gained so much weight and was having trouble cutting some of it. Now, i was so surprised when she posted her very recent picture, she indeed made it! And i am so proud of her! She weighed like 156 lbs before she did her dieting, and now she told me that she weighs 105 lbs. What a cut! She is now starting to buy new clothes because the clothes that she used to wear are obviously loose for her already.

Good job girl! She was working hard to get her daily exercise done everyday with the help of taking the weight loss pills. Plus cutting some of the carbohydrates intakes and that adds all that, it made her dieting progressive. Although sometimes she gets tempted with sweets she said, but she is still trying to drop her weight some more, her goal is to gain back her body figure before she gave birth with her three adorable kids. Well, she must got the best weight loss pills, for i can see that it worked on her really well and it made her happy with the result. Way to go girl, keep up the good work!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Slipcovers for the play room furniture

Guest post written by Brynn Eckart

Any of our old furniture basically goes to the kids' playroom down in the basement because they don't have to worry about being careful with the furniture. We tell them that it's okay for them to be rough with that furniture and stuff like that. But the other day when I was down there cleaning I noticed just how bad the couch down there looked and decided to make some slipcovers for the furniture.

But I had never made a slipcover before, so i went online with my wireless internet to figure out how to make a slipcover for the playroom couch.

One of the things that I was worried about was that whatever fabric I used for the slipcover would be really easy to clean in case the kids spill stuff on it. So I bought some heavy-duty canvas in bright red to match the rest of the playroom in the basement. I put the slipcover together and it looks pretty good for what it is, so I'm pretty pleased with myself. Plus it made the play room look a little better for the kids.

Officially Thirty

So i am now officially 30 years old!!! And i am thankful that the BOSS above gave me another year to celebrate with my family and friends. That's the most priceless gift i ever received on my birthday, to wake up healthy and happy. I woke up by the sun rays hit my face and when i opened my facebook account, i was so overwhelmed when i saw my wall flooded by so many greetings from dear friends and family. That alone, made my day, not to mention that my best friend surprised me a small gathering, she prepared some yummy foods and bought me a velvet cake with my big 30 numbers on top of it! How sweet!

Then, last Saturday, a dear friend also had a party for me and for her daughter since her birthday was a day after mine. It was a blast for me, i had so much fun being with my real good friends, we danced and sang the songs we like and talked about things. And of course delicious foods were there to feast! And because of all that, i would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart, i truly appreciate all the efforts you did, from greetings to giving me the party. I didn't really expected it but i felt so special on my very special day! In my thirty years of existence in this world, i must say that i am absolutely blessed having my family and good friends.... Thank you all for making my big day awesome!!!

This picture below was taken during my birthday, do i look 30? Hmmm, i'll leave that to you, see what you think. Because i have heard some people told me i don't look my age, i look younger. Asians has that asset, look younger than her age.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Hunter Fans

My young man used to have phobia in ceiling fans, it is because he dreamed about it that it fell on him and cut him. How silly is that dream but that's what he told me. And i am so happy that he's over with his phobia already. Now he is requesting to his daddy that he wants to put a ceiling fan to his own room and i think daddy already knew what kind of fan he is going to put to his young man's room. The Hunter fans has a lot to choose from and when he showed it to our son, he knew right then what kind that he wants to put on to his room and we ordered it. The young man was so happy and excited for his new ceiling fan to be installed to his own room.