Sunday, March 13, 2011

Genuine Kind Of Person

It was a perfect Sunday for me and for my friends! We were able to bond and had so much fun at her place with my bestfriend. She and her husband prepared such good foods for us and we felt like we're so special everytime we go to their place. She also has a son that is about same age as my youngest that is why i like going there a lot to her place because my son can play with her son too while we ourselves are busy talking, singing and eating.

And earlier was another fun time with her together with her happy family. Her husband is so nice, he's the one who cooked all the food just to have us there in their place. He told me that it makes him happy when he sees his wife happy because we visited her. She only got few friends and we're one of those few she has. She hardly go out because she has no friends that she can hang out with. So we go visit her place instead so she won't be bored. I promised her husband that we'll visit her as often as we can and we'll have some fun in the house again and again.

She is one nice girl and i like her very much because of her happy attitude, she likes to laugh a lot and i can just tell that she is a genuine kind of person and a very likable one. Well, anyway after we ate the delicious dinner they prepared, we had a good time talking and picture taking of course... Here's two of the few i got during our stay in her place earlier...

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