Monday, March 21, 2011

He Is All Well!

There is no other things that makes the mother panic and scared except when a child gets high fever. Most of my loyal visitors probably knew already that i lost a little girl and that left me a trauma that every time my two boys gets sick, it always flashes in my mind what happened to her. I guess that is normal feeling if you lost a child.
He's been sick for three days and now he is all well, thank GOD!
My youngest got sick three days ago and was not too worried about it for two days for he only had a slight fever. But then on the third day he had a really high fever that made me panic. He woke me up with his heavy breathing and when i touched him, he was shivering that got me scared. So i woke up hubby and told him that i need to take our little one to the doctor so he will be checked. Hubby tried to calm me down, i was crying and restless. I was not able to sleep right after then, and watched my little one every second.

When the sun rose, i made an appointment right away to a pediatrician. Luckily there was an available time for him to be seen, since it is usually hard to get an appointment impromptu, knowing it was weekend. It was 11:15 in the morning when we went to the doctor's clinic and the doctor said he got a viral infection. I am so glad that he didn't have a serious illness or something. And now he is well and eating again. I am so happy that my son is now again, active and playful.

When situation like this happens, i get scared easy, then a lot of things will come in my mind that i really don't like thinking about it. I am too weak when it comes to things like this, i would rather get sick than seeing my kids getting sick, especially my little one who can't talk yet and can't tell me what is hurting him. But, mommy is so happy now, he had overcome that bad virus. And of course i would like to thank this to all to the BOSS above for taking care of my little one and for healing him so fast.

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