Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rubber Recycle

Spring is almost here! And i can't wait! I can almost smell the buds that are showing and now ready for spring to bloom their beauties! The kids are also excited, i just can tell. They will be out more often and play at their swing set. But too bad the swing set is a little muddy because it has been raining lately. Hubby said that we'll have to put something on the ground so the kids won't get dirty when they play over there.

The rubber mulch will be just as perfect to put on the ground where the kids's swing set is. It is a rubberecycle that's why it'll be soft for them if ever they fall and will help them not to get hurt. Unlike the chopped barks, there's a possibility that it could hurt them when they fall and it might poke them. This mulch is really the best for playgrounds. It's bouncy and gentle to the kids for it is just like a rubber mat that we usually put on to the kids's rooms.

I saw this first at the party we attended and they have a big landscape mulch where the kids can play as long as they want without the parents getting worried if their kids get hurt or something. This is really a cool idea, and parents like me that didn't know this before might want to take a look at it and see it for yourself that indeed this is the best that you can put on your kids playground or their swing set.

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