Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mind Blowing Movie

Do you like watching suspense/horror movies? Or even those sci-fi movies? When i registered to an internet movie website, i started to get hooked by these interesting movies i have been watching. There was one movie that keeps on flashing back in my mind because i thought it's pretty interesting and mind blowing kind. There was this one guy works in a company as a technician but he was not being treated nice by his superior so he was able to do something with all the computers in the building without them noticing it. He used his Keylogger for him to control every computers in there and no one can open it except him. So he left the building with people wondering why can't they access their own computers in their desks.

The company owners looked for him all over the place so he can open the computers for they were hiding something very confidential and they wanted to get that out from the system. But they failed, he was able to control the computers even though he did not work in there anymore. He was able to see what are these company people are trying to do just to get all the computers to work back but to no avail. Desperately they looked for him, that confidential files they were so eager to get, was a very important file of a syndicate people. He's so smart in computers and at the end of the movie he put a timer to all the computers and blew them all up. But the files that these people were looking for is already in his hands and he surrendered it to the authorities.

A very nice and interesting movie like this makes me want to sit in front of the computer all day long. I somehow learn something every movie i watch. That's why i love watching these kind of movies. It makes me think that it could possibly happen to reality.

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