Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Learned It On My Own

I have been asked by some of my friends online if i went to school for cosmetology. They were wondering if i really did because i put on my make up just right. Telling you honestly, i don't really know how to wear make up not until i got here in America, and no one taught me personally. I just learned it by looking at some celebrities's faces and studied how they put their make up on. From then on, i started to realize that i am slowly learning on how to wear make up right.

It was funny during my wedding day, it was a Filipino girlish guy who put make up on me, but i did not like the outcome at all, i looked like i was swollen because of the make up, but since that was a rush hour time, i had no choice but to just deal with it. That's probably why i am learning how to put my make up on now because i don't want to be looking like what i looked like during my wedding day, horrible look, lol!

These are my recent shots i got, i just had these this past Sunday. We went to Salt Lake City with my friends to visit a sick friend and went shopping afterwards. Some of my friends asked me and told me to teach them. Honestly, i don't really know how to put make up on to others, i just know how to mix and match to my own face. I am a little scared to do it to others or i might screw up and they'll look unpleasant haha!

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