Friday, March 11, 2011

Progressive Dieting

I am so happy to see the progress of the hard work of my friend! She absolutely lost so much weight that made her look good even more! She was so depressed a couple of months ago because she gained so much weight and was having trouble cutting some of it. Now, i was so surprised when she posted her very recent picture, she indeed made it! And i am so proud of her! She weighed like 156 lbs before she did her dieting, and now she told me that she weighs 105 lbs. What a cut! She is now starting to buy new clothes because the clothes that she used to wear are obviously loose for her already.

Good job girl! She was working hard to get her daily exercise done everyday with the help of taking the weight loss pills. Plus cutting some of the carbohydrates intakes and that adds all that, it made her dieting progressive. Although sometimes she gets tempted with sweets she said, but she is still trying to drop her weight some more, her goal is to gain back her body figure before she gave birth with her three adorable kids. Well, she must got the best weight loss pills, for i can see that it worked on her really well and it made her happy with the result. Way to go girl, keep up the good work!

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