Sunday, March 13, 2011

Debt Free Soon

It won't be long now and my credit card will be paid off. I have been trying to pay it as much as i can so i have nothing to worry about anymore. It isn't that much though but still i would love to have it fully paid so soon. When we get our state tax refund, hubby said he will be putting all the money to my visa so my credit card will be the least of our worries after that. I only have one credit card, i don't have a lot of credit cards like the others that ended up worrying too much with their debts in different credit cards because they were not being careful to apply for a credit card and they will find out later on that it has high interest on it.

There are a lot of best credit cards that you can get, you just have to be more extra careful which one to choose. Some of them seems so sound promising yet after you register yourself into it, you'll find out that you will be paying the high interest that you did not expect it to have. Well, you fell into their catch. That's why hubby is keep on reminding me not to get convinced with these too good to be true credit cards because they are the one's that has the most high interest when it's time for you to pay it off.

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alex o said...

Good luck to you! Stirring away from using credit when you have cash as well as spending more money than you make can help you become debt free in the future.

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