Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Officially Thirty

So i am now officially 30 years old!!! And i am thankful that the BOSS above gave me another year to celebrate with my family and friends. That's the most priceless gift i ever received on my birthday, to wake up healthy and happy. I woke up by the sun rays hit my face and when i opened my facebook account, i was so overwhelmed when i saw my wall flooded by so many greetings from dear friends and family. That alone, made my day, not to mention that my best friend surprised me a small gathering, she prepared some yummy foods and bought me a velvet cake with my big 30 numbers on top of it! How sweet!

Then, last Saturday, a dear friend also had a party for me and for her daughter since her birthday was a day after mine. It was a blast for me, i had so much fun being with my real good friends, we danced and sang the songs we like and talked about things. And of course delicious foods were there to feast! And because of all that, i would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart, i truly appreciate all the efforts you did, from greetings to giving me the party. I didn't really expected it but i felt so special on my very special day! In my thirty years of existence in this world, i must say that i am absolutely blessed having my family and good friends.... Thank you all for making my big day awesome!!!

This picture below was taken during my birthday, do i look 30? Hmmm, i'll leave that to you, see what you think. Because i have heard some people told me i don't look my age, i look younger. Asians has that asset, look younger than her age.


Natasha said...

I do not think you look 30. You look great!

Anonymous said...

You look young . How I wish I'm 30 again.