Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Match 3 Games

There are a lot of games online to enjoy, yet there are also some that are not good especially for kids. My son is been playing games online since he was three years old and i always make sure that he doesn't get into a website that has a kind of disturbing or violent games, such as shooting games or something. Ever since even before i had my eldest son, i am already not fond of these kind of games. I'd rather teach my kids to learn how to play board or brain storm kind of games, that way, it will educate them.

Anyway, i found a good website that teaches my five year old son the match games, it's called, Match 3 Games. It's a fun game for my son to play, there's a lot of games in this website to choose from. And take note! It's not just for kids, i also found some games to this site that i really love playing such as board games and puzzles. I love this Match 3 Games Online, it is entertaining most especially when i am just right sitting here in front of my computer doing nothing.

My oldest son wonders if he could also do the Match 3 Games Download, since it is downloadable. Like what i said, games can teach kids but there are some games also that aren't good because it's too violent and more on war kind, too much for kids, they will eventually learn to be violent if they will keep on playing those kinds.

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