Tuesday, March 15, 2011

House Renovation

There were lots of time that i wished i have a job so i have a good amount of money that i can send to my family back home. It's not that hubby is not giving me any, it would be a lot nicer if it comes from my own pocket. You know what i mean, being independent from hubby. It's good to know that hubby loves my family as much as i do but for me, it would be good if i am the one's supporting my family back home with my own income.

One thing why i wished i have a job is because we have a house in south part of my country that needs a total renovation. It sure needs a big amount of money to get it done. I would love to see it finished before we go back there to have a vacation so we can stay to that house where my siblings and i were all born and grew up. I want the roof to have waterproof coating so when it rains the water slides off easy. The roof mastic will do a good job on that i know.

Although i have no budget and no plan when to do the renovation of our house yet, i already have an idea what color would i want for the roof paint. I want it dark color so when it gets dusty, it won't be so noticeable. Oh how i love to see that house being fixed, i sure have a lot of memories to that house that it's still fresh in my mind until now, bad and good.

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