Thursday, February 25, 2010

Poor Thing!

I took a nap soon after my husband came home from work because i was up so late last night due to a lot of things that i need to finish. I told my husband to take care of the kids while i sleep so at least i can gain more energy and he said yes, he even told me not to worry about the kids because he can take care of them. I had quiet a long nap from two in the afternoon until past five just awhile ago. I thought i was just dreaming hearing my little one crying but i woke up and he was really crying. I didn't even got up right away because i thought he was in his crib fussing. I was being lazy and rolled in the bed still until i heard something like knocking on the wood while he was crying. So i finally got up and was so surprised that he was on the floor with some of his toys.

Then i said to myself, poor thing! Daddy left him on the floor! Nowhere to be found my husband and his big brother. He was all by himself in his room playing and probably got bored because nobody was with him so he started to fuss! I felt so bad for him that i didn't checked him right away really thinking that he was lying on his bed fussing because he wanted to be picked up. Poor little potato, he probably thought he was being abandoned because he has been crying for awhile and no one picked him up.

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