Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Most Scariest Dream

I had the most scariest dream in my whole life last night! I dreamed that my oldest son wasn't breathing at all and i tried to wake him but he wasn't responding to me, no matter how i shook him so hard still no response. I was crying hard because i really thought it was all real, seems so real. I woke up with a very heavy heart, tears in my eyes and rushed into my son's room, hugged and kissed him as if i have never seen him for years and years. He asked me why am i sad, and i just answered him that i just missed him so bad.
He was wondering why i missed him that bad since i didn't leave the house. Poor boy not aware of what is going on with me, i would rather not to tell him because i don't want to scare him with my dream. I hope i won't dream something like what i had last night, maybe i dreamed something like that because i was thinking of my little Deanne before i fell asleep. It's painful enough for me losing one child and i can't take it anymore if something happens to my boys. I always pray for our safety and health all the time, i don't really care if we are poor as long as we are happy and healthy as family, that's all that matters to me the most.

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""rare*jonRez"" said...

bisita na pud ko diri darl! i would cry to death if ako pud maka-dream ug ing-ana. pero so far, akong gina-dream nga about patay patay kay akong amahan man oi. dugay naman kaayong patay akong papa pero sige japon ko dream sa iyaha. gimingaw man gud japon ko sa iya after all these years.

anyway, maayo kay naa ka new update diri. paka-change ko sa akong URL aning xpressions naku nga blog ha. naa na ka didto. ;-)