Friday, February 19, 2010

Heading To Wendover

We are going to a city called Wendover today with my friend. We were invited to join the group of Fil-Am community. This is gonna be my first time to that City and also will be the first time to be in this community, and so my friend. We'll leave here probably 3 o'clock in the afternoon and will be there until tomorrow morning. I hope we'll be home before noon on tomorrow. I really don't like to be in a group that much because you cannot easily get away from jealousy, envy and some other things that mostly Filipinas have. I guess some people has this kind of nature already that they don't want to be the least, they want to show off although it not really necessary to. Well anyway, we'll see how it goes, and i hope it goes well, because if it won't, then we will just have to go back there with my friend by ourselves and have fun there again.

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