Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Finally Got It!!!

Now no one can stop me and my kids to fly since we finally got our itinerary last night. The ticket is booked and it will be not too long i will be back to Philippines again! I can't really wait since i miss a lot of things in Philippines. My dear mother of course and some good friends that i have back home and the last but not the least, the food that i cannot eat and find it here in America.

I am starting to gather all the things i have here right now that i haven't used yet so i can bring them with me and give it to my family. I also need to buy some other things that my mother wants me to bring her when we go home. But all she knew is i am going to send her a BALIKBAYAN BOX. She has no idea about us coming home, we are the exciting surprise for her. This is gonna be a big surprise for her as her birthday present. I am thinking what would be the best present for her aside from us going home to celebrate her very special day. Right now i am thinking to buy her something that she wears everyday. I will try to not to talk to her very long on the phone whenever i call her or might slip and won't be able to hold my excitement and will tell her we are going home.

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