Thursday, February 18, 2010

You Name It, I Have It!!!

It sure sucks to get sick. Especially today that my kiddos are both sick too. They also have dry coughs like i do. I was really hoping that i would get up today and will feel better, but instead i feel more miserable, ugh! This is not happening is it? Well, i need to buy some grapefruits for me and for my boys, grapefruits is been our companion whenever we get sick like this. It is very effective and more natural medicine. I really hate taking medicine and i don't take it as much as possible, i feel like i get sick even more. There's that nasty taste and makes me nauseated and wants to puke it out.

It's too cold here that's why we got all sick. Good thing hubby is not. I am so sick and tired of this extreme weather here in UTAH!!! During summertime, i almost want to get naked because it is too hot and dry, and if it is winter, i almost don't want to go out because it is too freezing outside. So where would i stand? Fall is a little better and spring, but they don't last too long either. That's why i so miss the tropical weather in Philippines, i am used to it and i can live with it, unlike here where i live now, sure sucks because during winter, i always get sick because of too cold surroundings.

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Mommy Scart said...

get well soon Darl. Lisod bitaw magkasakit oi.