Friday, February 26, 2010

He Is So Sensitive!

My baby is cranky today even though he just took his afternoon nap. He is also a bit warm, probably not feeling too good that's why he's upset. I just noticed that he's been biting his fingers a lot lately and drools too much. I am guessing that he is teething. I really thought that he was teething a month ago when he got sick but unfortunately it was just a fever and a runny nose, probably got colds because he was being dragged along by mommy all the time whenever i have to take his big brother to school.

He is very sensitive right now and is been whining started this morning and cries everytime i try to put him down in his crib. He falls asleep in my arms and wakes up soon as i slowly put him down. I am not used to his behavior today since he is not like this. I just hope that his teeth will come out soon for me to find out that he is really teething and not just fussing for nothing. I tried to put my finger inside his mouth and feel his gum but i don't feel a thing yet, maybe too soon to tell but hopefully it will come out soon. The good thing about him is he still eats like a hungry bear and i am happy to know that he didn't lose his appetite which is normally happens when the baby is teething. I will see in couple of days or so if he is really teething already. The behavior he's been showing me are the symptoms of a teething baby.

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