Monday, February 22, 2010

Lost And Found

When you hear this word, what's gonna be in your mind? Maybe something like a very important thing that got lost and found by someone right? Well, there's a lot of meaning to it. And for me, there's more deeper meaning to these words. Eversince when i was just a little girl, i never have lots of friends to keep, why? Because i am a very picky person and i prefer to be alone rather than being with people that i find not worth to hang around. During my gradeschool and highschool days, i have very few friends and they're not even my closest.

I grew up believing i can live alone without friends. I consider friends as just passersby to my life, they don't stay very long for they have life of their own as well to take care of. For me, i don't really care if they disappear or they will still be around. But when i got here in America, i found some good friends that i thought i would keep them for a long long time. I also lost some of them, those are not meant to stay and not the same feather like what i have. I chose a few and told them that once they became my good friends, they will stay in my heart forever.

I had an arguments to some of them and since we are just humans, we commit mistakes. I don't consider myself as a perfect creation because i am just nothing into this world. I also am an imperfect human being that sometimes don't realizes things that i make mistakes. I am an honest person, straight forward and a very vocal one. Even though that i often hurt someone because of my character, it doesn't mean that i am hurting them in a purpose, they maybe hurt because i am telling them the truth and letting them know that i am concern. But if that person is not realizing it and taking my words as offensive, then that is beyond my control. As what they all say, you really cannot please everyone that is around you, which i strongly agree.

Anyway, i have had so many "PASSERSBY" in my life that i called, but my life still as good like they never passed by. No changes and no regrets. I am very friendly person, i would tell you, i can be by your side if someone will try to pick on you. But i can also the very best enemy to people that will try to step on me. I have gone through so many hardships already, and i hate those people that will give me headaches. I can easily forget them, they are not fully attached to my life so i can just unhook them and let them go, that's how i am. So, if you want to make friends with me, the pleasure is all mine, but if you want to piss me, don't you just dare....


Sweetiepie said...

I strongly agree of everything you said! I myself only have few friends that really close friends because like you, I am so picky kay perti ka daghan fake and OA aning kalibutana. Mao until now I choose kinsa akong e hangout. sa pinas pod ko I only had two closest friends (my best friends) but other than that I prefer to be alone than hangout out with them,(like you said is not worth keeping). :)

Mommy Scarty said...

i truly agree with your post dai darl. but the different is i'm not picky like you kahit sino pwede kong maging kaibigan cos I'm flexible. i can hang out with everyone but i am hard headed too. I'm kind of person that really dont care. I'm not pa sweet kasi. Mahirap makipag plastikan lalo na kung honest kang tao pero sabi nga nila hindi naman tayo plastik ayaw lang nating mambastos. It's really hard to find friends especially on intewebs. internet friends are mostly users. I removed some of them. so keep what you have found that is worth it. hindi ka na makakahanap ng katulad nila ^_^x