Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Want To Break Free!!!

Yup, yup, yup!!! I want to break free from this cold freezing weather of Utah! It's been snowing these past few days and it affects my emotion. I can now fully understand what the people that lives here are trying to say. I can relate now to what they are feeling, depression during winter time because the sky is always dark and gloomy, the street is snowy and sleek. I sure am missing the tropical weather back home, where i can just relax and do what i want to do outside. Unlike here, i have no choice but to hide inside the house and keep warm! When is this winter gonna end? I am so excited for the spring and summer!!!

I am absolutely a summer person, no doubt! I would rather be hot and wear skin revealing kind of clothing rather than being wrapped up all the time, i don't like it! It's kind of heavy for me and hassle as well because i have to wrap myself so good or i will be frozen to death outside. I just can't wait until the April comes so that my life will be back to normal, going out and have so much fun outside. I am so sick and tired of this pouring snow like crazy! Looking outside makes me more missing my beloved country where there is always freedom to go outside and have some fun!

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Anonymous said...

Count me in.. I hate cold weather! btw, I got another <a href=">Tag</a> for you!