Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Little Worried

Well, ever since i got back in blogging i realized that there is not much opportunities i can get in paid blogging. I have asked some of my friends about it and they told me that it has been like this since i left here and went to Philippines. It's really difficult for me to get even one opportunity like five bucks at least. You know i am kind of little worried about it because this is a little help for me, i can buy the things i want and i can send some money to my family back home which is a very big help for my mother for her medicine maintenance.

I have been trying to gain more traffic so my real rank won't be that high and i can grab more offers. It seems that paid blogging is not doing any good nowadays and i am worried about it. I was thinking about it last night that if this is not gonna get better soon, then i might just find a part time job for me so i will be occupied and not be idle so i won't be bored and depressed. My son is going to school next school year i hope and by then i can find a part time job while he is at school so i can still support my mother's medicine maintenance. I need to find some other ways aside from this blogging though. Of course i still blog even though paid blogging is not gonna get better, but still hoping it will so i don't have to get dressed and go for an outside job.

Perpetual Diamonds

Who doesn't love diamonds? I do love diamonds. Since my watch is kind of worn out already for i have been using this since i got here and that was three years ago. This is perfect time to get me a new watch with diamonds on it so i can wear it anytime and it will match to my diamond jewelries. I love this Perpetual Diamonds , they have so many selections that i really like especially this one below. I know diamonds is woman's weakness and i don't deny that, because i myself is one crazy about diamonds.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wishing She Is Mine

Before i flew back here, two days before, Twerlyn and i met again in her place. The first time i met her with her husband was in Cebu Doctor's Hospital. She visited me there when i gave birth. I went to her place because i promised to see her once again with her new born baby Arianna. I just couldn't hold my tears when i finally held the baby in my arms. I was wishing the baby in my arms was my baby Deanne. I so missed my little girl and every time i see these pictures, there's always something that clogs my heart that can stop me from breathing. How i wish she is mine, but i guess not. Twerlyn and her husband are surely blessed for having Arianna in their life.

These pictures was taken at Twerlyn's place, her husband took these photos and look at my son's reaction when he saw his mom crying. He seem can't understand why i cried.

New Coat For Hubby

I keep thinking of my dear husband, most of his coats are kind of worn out and old. I love to buy some new coats but seems i cannot find perfect store where i would like to buy coats for him. Every time i go to some boutiques or outlets in the mall, i get so disappointed because they don't have coats that i like for my dear husband. I have been looking for a nice one so he can wear it during when there's formal get together party of our family or friends. I just don't like looking at him wearing old coats.

But anyway, so much for that concern. I found a good store here online that met my satisfaction. They have the coats that i love to give for my dear husband and i got a good deal from this store because if i buy their mens wool coat, i can avail the free shipping which is really quite a good deal for me. Aside from saving my time to go to shopping at the mall or wherever, i can also save some gas just to buy my husband's coat. So how is that? Do you like what you read here? Try to visit the store and you will find the perfect coat for your loving husband too just like me.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Christmas Giveaways Soon

Good morning to all of you guys! How's you Monday morning? I hope everything is fine. By the way, before Christmas holiday i am going to have a Christmas giveaways here. I am not going to post the prizes yet since i am not done working on it still. Also i am still thinking how to do the mechanics on how you guys can win the Christmas giveaways here. So, i hope you guys will join this because it would be fun and it is my joy to share it with you the things i know. I might finish all the prizes probably this week so i might post the Christmas giveaways next week. So keep an eye on it guys, who knows? You could be the lucky winner of the first prize!

Flat Tummy

Who doesn't want to look nice anyway? Well, i really want to be looking so nice. Looking so lousy and not so healthy is the big no no for me. That's why i am kind of conscious to my body because i got bulging tummy even though i am not fat. I was so desperate looking for some help until i found this . I am really glad because i can now imagine my flat tummy instead of fat tummy. Looking physically fit is one of factor that can add your self esteem, that's why i need to be look physically fit so i won't be conscious anymore.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Palawan Get Away

When hubby went to Philippines, he took us his family everywhere in Philippine islands such as around Bohol and in Palawan which was my first time to step on that very beautiful place. At first i was kinda hesitant to go there really since i heard that there was a foreigner couple was being kidnapped and the man got killed during the attempt rescue. But thanks goodness nothing happened to us, we are safe. I was just amazed and there are no words that could really describe this very beautiful place, it is more than Paradise for me. In fact i just posted some pics in my Sweet Paradise blog for you to see how beautiful is the place i am talking about. And this picture below was taken the night we got to Palawan. That was our very first night there.

Halloween Is Approaching!

My goodness!!! I would say that time flies so fast indeed! My son and i just barely got back here and now halloween is fast approaching. Last year we had so much fun trick or treating around the neighborhood especially my son because we went to hubby's workplace and played with some kids out there with different kinds of costumes. He got scared of some costumes though because he thought some are real and not make believe. I told him not to be scared for it is all pretend and not real. That was his second trick or treating, the first costumes he had was a little evil boy and he won first prize on that, it was funny because it wasn't really a planned halloween costumes, i just made it up, let him wore his red jacket and put his red blanket as his cape and painted his face with dark make up. And i was really happy when he won the contest.

My husband's costumes is judge, mine is pussycat and our son is wearing elephant. And now i am thinking so hard what will be our halloween costumes this year. I still can't seem to find the best costumes that would fit perfectly for the three of us. I so love halloween here in America since we don't have this back where i was born and grew up. This is really fun thing for me to do and so as for my family. Getting our costumes ready this halloween is one of my priority this time since it's almost here. My son is so excited and so anxious to have his halloween costumes. Well, i better buy him now or it will be too late and i don't want my son to get upset with me though. How about you guys? Is your halloween costumes ready yet for trick or treating? Better get ready now!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Starting Scrapping

I have been so busy lately. Doing some house chores and blogging at the same time. I can't live without checking my sites since it's part of my daily routine. Also to make a little bit of money from this hobby makes me feel like i am helping myself to get occupied and not to think depressing things. And one thing what i am up to lately is this digital scrapping. I love this scrapping even though i am just barely starting it. I am learning things slowly from this hobby and i hope that i will be good on this soon. I would like to be the other blogger friends that does this scrapping very well. Anyway, i made another one, very simple for i just have said that i am just starting on this kind of hobby. Hope you guys like this.

Web Hosting Tips

Since i started blogging i learned a lot of things. I made a lot of friends and also know people's attitude even though it is just through internet. One thing that i like in blogging is i can keep my own website and can make it as my own forever as long as i am paying for my web hosting site. I love blogging a lot and no one could ever stop me to say what i would like to express here in my own website since it is mine. And i have been enjoying what i am doing since it is also a very helpful therapy for me for what i just had undergone.

Anyway, because i am very into this blogging, i was looking for some helpful tips and some great ideas because i am looking for a best web hosting site that could provide all the service i am looking for. I need a website that can satisfy me with their services and features. Good thing i found this very helpful webhosting blog. I am encouraging you all to read what i just have read in this blog because it did helped me a lot. And if you are like me that is confused or looking for a best web hosting site, then this is perfect blog for you to read so you will know better. Be smart like me and choose what is the best for you!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Not Potty Ready Yet?

I am having problem taking my son to the potty every time he wants to poop. He feels like he is not comfortable being in a potty and he'd rather hide than to sit in his potty. I don't have any idea why he hides every time he is going to poop. When time he will tell me that he is going to hide, i know already what he's gonna do then later on i will just have to ask him if he's done. The first time he did that, we had a big fight because he doesn't want me to get near with him and clean his behind. He kept telling me he is yucky and stinky. So i also kept telling him that, that pooping is normal and of course it is stinky and yucky that's why i have to clean him so he won't be stinky and yucky anymore.

He does knows how to go to the bathroom and pee in the toilet and he doesn't wear diaper no more during the day, just at night during when he goes to sleep. But letting him poop in his potty is my big problem with my dear son. I hope he will realize soon that it is better to sit in the potty than to hide every corner of our house when he feels like he is going to poop. As you see his picture above, he was crying sitting in his own potty because i tried to tell him to sit there and won't stand up until i told him to do so. I kind of felt bad though but he has to learn, he won't learn if i will tolerate him all the time.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Marimar Wannabe

During the times i've been to Philippines, we went to many places with my husband my son and some of my family. This video below was taken at Albur Bohol when we went there to see the biggest captured phyton in Asia. I will post the photos i got of the biggest snake later. But for now, just enjoy this very entertaining gay that he called himself MARIMAR. He is indeed very entertaining! Too bad i wasn't able to capture the whole show from the beginning, but at least i got this. So what do you say?

Be Seen On TV Or Movie!

Ever since when i was young i wished to be a star someday, i mean star that would be seen on television or maybe seen in the movie. Well, i guess it never happened to me, and there's nothing wrong to dream something like this anyway. But i am am not regretting about it though because i got a lovely family now that is worth than that. I got my son who's entertaining me anyway and i got husband who makes me laugh all the time, especially when i am sad. They are my entertainers of my life and they do a good job of making me happy everyday.

But anyway, i just found out that i can encourage people now that are ages from 18 to 85 to be one of the extra in the television or it could be in a movie. I got excited to know about this though because as i have read extras will get paid from 100 to 300 dollars, depending on the project. Who's gonna give you that much money anyway and all you have to do is just to be a background of a main actor or actress. We do walk all the time or walk our dog in the park, so why not get paid by doing those things? Interested? Why don't you call this number (800-493-9047) and learn more about this very exciting opportunity and be one of a Talent6. Call now and get paid of doing the things you been doing everyday. So hurry now and you might be chosen as one of the extras in the movie that you like to be in.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hair Rebonded

Got my hair fixed before i left Philippines, hubby thought that it is the best time to get my hair pampered since there is not much salon here that does what i like to be done in my hair. It was a very long process since my hair is long, it took like 5 hours for the hairstylist to get my hair looking so shiny and smooth. I am loving the new looks of my hair now, it is straight all the way to my behind and looking so smooth and silky. Every time i brush my hair i noticed that it is more bouncy now unlike before. So for you to see my hair i inserted some pictures below.

So I Can See Better

My eyes started got bad when i worked in electronics company 10 years ago. I was assigned as checkline inspector, checking the raw parts making sure that all are in correct polarity, not misaligned and some other things that i need to keep an eye. It's pretty difficult job but i am proud to myself that i made that job with not so many mistakes. Mistakes is not considerable in my job but since i can't be perfect all the time, i get warned by the line leader.

I did not realized then that my eyes is having problem already. When i got here in America, my eyes got worse because i got hooked into this blogging and other things here in internet world. For all you know that too much exposure from the computer can make the eyes go bad. So hubby took to the eye doctor to find out what is really wrong with my eyes and found out that i am having astigmatism and my right eye can't see very far. I have no choice but to get the pair of eyeglasses for me so i can see better. And what's good thing about it is, it is very affordable. I am very happy now that i can see and read better, not having hard time to read tiny letters and not seeing the things blurry. If you want to check out where i got my glasses, you click this link.

What A Sweet Hubby

Like i mentioned to my previous post, our flight was kinda messed up. So we stayed in the hotel in Hongkong which is free accommodation for us from Cathay Pacific Airlines. I would say that i have been to Hongkong because i went out from their Airport and stayed in hotel with my son for several hours. I love it there because their hotel is so nice and they also have very delicious dinner which is very unusual food for me but i actually liked it.

So we got to LA late too, since our flight was messed from Cebu. I got to LA airport at around 9 o'clock in the evening and stayed at delta ticketing office to wait for our flight on the next day at around 6 o'clock in the morning. As you can read, i waited for several hours there, that was exhausting enough not to mention i had my son with me and our luggage too. I cannot go anywhere for i cannot drag my son along wherever i want to go and also our heavy luggage. So i just sat there and waited for our flight.

When i got there in Salt Lake City Airport, hubby saw me right away and he took our luggage from the conveyor. He said he got our luggage but i didn't respond to him because i was really exhausted and wanted to lay down my tired body. Even when hubby was driving to home, i didn't say anything. Just sat at the passenger's seat and i wonder my eyes around if there is any changes since i left. Soon as we got here inside the house i went straight to our bed and found something in there on top of it. There's roses and chocolates! Oh i turn around and saw hubby behind me, waiting for me to say something. I hugged him so tight and thanked him for being so good to me and being so thoughtful. He said he was sorry for me for being stranded in LA for several hours. It's not his fault but he is asking apology for what had happened to my flight. I kissed him and told him how much i love him.

Great Investments

Hubby and i have been talking about business since we got married. He really want to do a business that won't fail. Of course no one would think that if you start a business it will fail, that just too silly to think. But anyway, we have tried few business but it didn't worked right for us. We have tried the telecommunication business, and some other things but hubby and i failed. I felt bad for dear hubby though because he is the one that is really eager to have more income aside from his job that he kept telling me that it won't last for years ahead. Unlike if we invest a business, this might change the whole thing of our lifestyle.

Because my dear husband is looking real hard for a business to invest, i helped him by searching through internet. Of all the investments i have read here, this Inner 8 is the most interesting and very convincing to me. I am sure soon as i tell about this to hubby he would jump into this. He knows me, i myself is not a businesswoman but when i found this Inner 8, it got me interested and more curious about business. And now i am inviting everyone who will read this post that why don't you see it for yourself and be curious about this? Perhaps, this might be the way to your richness.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Can't Shut Their Mouth

I just learned recently that some people thought i gave birth at the public hospital. I was totally shocked upon knowing it because how could these people say that i actually gave birth at the public hospital in Philippines since they weren't there during the delivery of my baby. The first thing that came to my mind was, HOW IN THE WORLD DID THEY KNOW I GAVE BIRTH AT THE PUBLIC HOSPITAL??? Gosh! I couldn't believe it! Whatta news with soooooo wrong details indeed! Instead of getting upset and mad to these people, i just calmed myself down and told my smart brain that instead of confronting these people personally, they are NOTHING and DON'T DESERVE to get my attention and waste my emotion just because of their stupid make up stories and all false details.

Anyway, to those people that i am talking about, i am now informing you officially the FACT that i was supposed to give birth in PERPETUAL SUCCOUR HOSPITAL which is PRIVATE in CEBU, but things happened unexpectedly, i was on a labor not in my due time so when the doctor found out that i was dilating already she called the hospital where i want to deliver my baby to prepare things before i get there, but unfortunately there was no available incubator for my baby and also a private room where i will stay after the delivery because the hospital is fully occupied that time. So the doctor rushed me at CEBU DOCTOR'S UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL which is also one of a very high standard hospital in CEBU. Also, it is very convenient for my OB that i gave birth there because her clinic is just at the ground level to that hospital.

So, IS THIS CLEAR ENOUGH FOR YOU? Next time when you make up some stories, please make sure that it is BELIEVABLE, okay? I will just give you a big laugh for telling people about it. How could you ever thought that i gave birth to a public hospital? And let's say i did, so what's the big deal and what's eating you anyway? As long as i am safe after the delivery and the baby will, why not? There is nothing wrong giving birth at the public hospital, you are just under estimating the capacity of the hospitals in Philippines. By the way where you were born? Did you die? How did you get to the other side of the world if you died when your mother gave birth on you if Philippine hospitals are too risky? Or i suppose your mother just delivered you at home which is very usual back then. Get real! And please drink a little bit of coffee once in a while so you can feel the nerve!


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Best Suit For Hubby

Looks of husband should be depending of how the wife will take care of him. It doesn't matter if your husband is not that good looking but if you as a wife, is very good in making your husband looks good that's what all that matters most. When i got married to my dear husband, everyday i try my very best that every time he gets out in our house he will be looking so neat and clean, of course it will the wife's credit if people sees the husband well groomed.

Especially during when there's occasions like party, if i making myself look good i always make sure that my family dressed with nice suits that will fit to the occasion we are going to. And of course i choose the best suit for hubby that he will be comfortable to wear, like the mens’ suit that is Made to measure. I bought him a suit before that made me disappointed because it didn't fit to him right, it was kind of loose on the side and the front is kind of tight, so i ended up regretting from buying that suit. But since i knew MySuitNY, i am now more confident to buy him custom suit because i just have to know his size and for sure there will no problem giving him presents like suits for him to wear on different kind of party we are going to attend.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Finally Home

At last after a long and very tiring flight with my son, we finally got home. There was some trouble of our flight and it caused us so much delay on our trip that made me so upset and furious. But anyway, so much for that, i still am glad we made it and thanks to GOD for keeping us safe through the whole trip we had.

Soon as i got inside here in our house i felt i am safe and i sure am glad i am finally home once again. Although there are things made me upset here because dear hubby didn't take care of it, i have no choice but to do it myself since i understand he is working everyday and doesn't have enough time to do all the things here in our house. I can take care of all the things here slowly though especially the housekeeping, looks like our house experienced tornado, goodness sakes!

Oh by the way, i brought some "PASALUBONG" as we call it in Philippines, it is presents as we call it here. I got so many Filipino food and delicacies that every Filipina here abroad would surely love to have it. I got GINAMOS NGA LAP-OT, BUWAD PINIKAS, SHAMROCK OTAP, DRIED MANGOES, and many more. I sure am glad my hubby brought some our things home because i was able to bring some stuff with me and not being charged for over baggage. So guys, expect me to be back in blogging world and i would assure you, i will be very active from now on. God bless everyone!