Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Be Seen On TV Or Movie!

Ever since when i was young i wished to be a star someday, i mean star that would be seen on television or maybe seen in the movie. Well, i guess it never happened to me, and there's nothing wrong to dream something like this anyway. But i am am not regretting about it though because i got a lovely family now that is worth than that. I got my son who's entertaining me anyway and i got husband who makes me laugh all the time, especially when i am sad. They are my entertainers of my life and they do a good job of making me happy everyday.

But anyway, i just found out that i can encourage people now that are ages from 18 to 85 to be one of the extra in the television or it could be in a movie. I got excited to know about this though because as i have read extras will get paid from 100 to 300 dollars, depending on the project. Who's gonna give you that much money anyway and all you have to do is just to be a background of a main actor or actress. We do walk all the time or walk our dog in the park, so why not get paid by doing those things? Interested? Why don't you call this number (800-493-9047) and learn more about this very exciting opportunity and be one of a Talent6. Call now and get paid of doing the things you been doing everyday. So hurry now and you might be chosen as one of the extras in the movie that you like to be in.

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