Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Little Worried

Well, ever since i got back in blogging i realized that there is not much opportunities i can get in paid blogging. I have asked some of my friends about it and they told me that it has been like this since i left here and went to Philippines. It's really difficult for me to get even one opportunity like five bucks at least. You know i am kind of little worried about it because this is a little help for me, i can buy the things i want and i can send some money to my family back home which is a very big help for my mother for her medicine maintenance.

I have been trying to gain more traffic so my real rank won't be that high and i can grab more offers. It seems that paid blogging is not doing any good nowadays and i am worried about it. I was thinking about it last night that if this is not gonna get better soon, then i might just find a part time job for me so i will be occupied and not be idle so i won't be bored and depressed. My son is going to school next school year i hope and by then i can find a part time job while he is at school so i can still support my mother's medicine maintenance. I need to find some other ways aside from this blogging though. Of course i still blog even though paid blogging is not gonna get better, but still hoping it will so i don't have to get dressed and go for an outside job.


Scott Main said...

you every try surveys...cost to join but worth it in the end?

all the best


Wendy Lopez-Redaon said...

hello darlene =)

I too am trying to earn extra income online. I recently lost my pagerank. It used to be 3. I had many ops. But now its a 0, I hardly get any.

Okay lang, I thought, God's gonna take care of ALL OUR NEEDS!

see you around =)

melissaclee said...

I disagree with Scott. Don't ever pay to be able to take surveys. If you have to pay to get work it is a scam.

momgen said...

Yes i don't like surveys because they just after your personal info then you receive a bunch of junks. I joined a lot of survey sites last year hoping i earned a lot but no way it will not work good. Don't ever get into it. Maybe you might try to learn designing blogs that's what i tried to do now because i also have a hard time to find more opps. What about joined payu2blog even you have pr0 still they give you an opps. I joined a lot of site that like ppp have opps like loudlaunch, smorty, reviewme, sponsoredreviews, bloggerwave, blogsvertise, socialspark, buyblogreviews, blogreview, and i forgot what elese and i earned all of that sites and paid me.

Shabem® said...

Bitaw nihit na gyud Darlz hehe..
Anyway i clarify lang to nako tong about sa free advertisement. Sa blog to cya nako dibah sa EC. So mao to ako gi offer I will make it for FREE. One day lang noon hehe..
Hope na understand nimo.
Anyway, si Joshua lang ga costume last night. Tired pod cya wala kaayo cya ma excited this year. Ga school naman gud so gikapoy tawon. Mga 5-8 houses ra gyud to amo na visit mostly mga neighbor friends ra pod.
Have a great weekend!

Raquel said...

Hi Darlene, if you are concern about your mom's medication, looking for a part time job is really a great idea. Paid blogging or blogging will eat all your time too. Waiting for nothing as I say. Good luck and take care.

Merydith said...

Darl when you were in the Philippines, Ryan suggested to me to get a part time job and stop blogging and the earnings will be mine to keep for my family bisan panggabii lang gud. I have worked all my stay here in the US except when I got pregnant and had Frankie. I was contented with my blogging pero I also wanted to get out and meet other people. I have to tell you Darl it helps. I worked at 8:00 p.m. in a retail store and Ryan watches Frankie when I leave (pero padulong naman sila noon sleep) and since I stay up late anyway to blog I was able to handle the schedule. Start looking for something Darl because I am sure you will have fun. Please take care!

Amy said...

bitaw, di pwede saligan ang paid blogging kay usahay naa but sahay pod wala. looking for a part-time job is such a great idea too.

Mizé said...

Hi. It´s difficult to earn a good income with paid blogging without a good PR.
If your blog was penalized the best thing to continue is to start another blog that eventually gets PR in some months and join as many companies as possible, Social Spark, PPP, Buy blog reviews, etc.
I´m using this way, but it takes time and alot of work.
If there´s something I can help, let me know.
A good sunday.

Mizé said...

Another thing I forgot: Surveys aren´t a good way to earn, specially if you have to pay, it´s scam.
In PTC sites you only earn a few bucks and it also takes a lot of time. The best way is really paid blogging.

Anonymous said...

Lagi dai oi panagsa nalang gani ko makabira...samotan pa nga zero tawon ako PR huhuhu luoy kaayo pero maayo nalang sad usahay makabira usahay sad dili Faeta lagi. Maayo nalang sad naa koy gamay nga sideline dai. Cge lang dai basin diay mokusog nani after sa election ehehhehe