Tuesday, October 7, 2008

So I Can See Better

My eyes started got bad when i worked in electronics company 10 years ago. I was assigned as checkline inspector, checking the raw parts making sure that all are in correct polarity, not misaligned and some other things that i need to keep an eye. It's pretty difficult job but i am proud to myself that i made that job with not so many mistakes. Mistakes is not considerable in my job but since i can't be perfect all the time, i get warned by the line leader.

I did not realized then that my eyes is having problem already. When i got here in America, my eyes got worse because i got hooked into this blogging and other things here in internet world. For all you know that too much exposure from the computer can make the eyes go bad. So hubby took to the eye doctor to find out what is really wrong with my eyes and found out that i am having astigmatism and my right eye can't see very far. I have no choice but to get the pair of eyeglasses for me so i can see better. And what's good thing about it is, it is very affordable. I am very happy now that i can see and read better, not having hard time to read tiny letters and not seeing the things blurry. If you want to check out where i got my glasses, you click this link.

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