Monday, October 20, 2008

Starting Scrapping

I have been so busy lately. Doing some house chores and blogging at the same time. I can't live without checking my sites since it's part of my daily routine. Also to make a little bit of money from this hobby makes me feel like i am helping myself to get occupied and not to think depressing things. And one thing what i am up to lately is this digital scrapping. I love this scrapping even though i am just barely starting it. I am learning things slowly from this hobby and i hope that i will be good on this soon. I would like to be the other blogger friends that does this scrapping very well. Anyway, i made another one, very simple for i just have said that i am just starting on this kind of hobby. Hope you guys like this.


sugarbabes said...

nice one unsa man nimo oi,i share sad hehheh im welling to learn and do it, but wla koy idea gyud ug unsaon heheheh..ok darl take care always

Lilly's Life said...

Oh that is so pretty, well done. You have talent in doing this.

Simply_Haze said...

nice one Darl's! Keep 'em coming!

Mizé said...

Your scrap background is really nice, I love pastel colors and butterflies.
Thanks for visiting my blog trough Entrecard.

twinks said...

This is very nice Darl,
You're doing a great job.
Keep it up!