Sunday, May 29, 2011

Moving In North Carolina

A friend has to Move in North Carolina because she got an offer from charlotte jobs which she thinks it's a good pay kind of job. Right now she is packing everything and will be heading there in about a week from now. We will surely miss her and her family as well, for they have been so good to us and to the rest of the group. I hope that they are going to meet some good friends in there again just like we are to them here. It's really hard to say goodbye to good friends like them. And we are still hoping that they will be visiting us here often so we will see each other again although they live fa away from us already.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Congratulations My Young Man!

Where did the years go? My goodness!!! Seems like i just barely had my oldest son and now he already turned six years old and also will be graduating in kindergarten tomorrow. It's just telling me that Mommy is getting older lol! Anyway, i am so proud of my son for he did great in his school at the entire school year. In fact he came home last week and handed me with his big o' metal medal that has Master in Reading written to it. I sure am a proud mother of a smart young man. And i should be proud to myself as well for teaching him good things, we both did great, i teach and he learn...

Anyway, i just want to share you these two photographs of my dearest son that i took from my mobile phone. He sure is getting so big and i can't just believe that he is now a young man, not a baby anymore for he doesn't want to be called baby either! So to my smart young man, Congratulations and keep up the good work baby! Oppps, lol! Can't help it, he is still my baby and will be my baby forever, like what i always told him.

Hair Loss Treatment

I was actually looking for some hair loss products because my friend asked me if i could find the best one for her husband. He's starting to lose some hair and that worries him. So the wife said that because i am always here in front of my computer, she wants me to find what is the best product they can get for him. Good thing someone told me what to get, she knew about losing hair because her husband has also the same problem before and now it's already been treated.

Printing Design

I don't usually write letters because i am one lazy bug when it comes to that. But ive' got lots of printed name with my address in it because when it comes to special holidays i sure needs lots of them to send those cards to my loved ones and special friends. I always get mine from direct mail marketing because they give me special price and also, it is affordable. Or, maybe if i want a custom designed printing, i let them do it for me, that way, i don't have to run around and look for a store that will do this kind of stuff. Pretty cool huh, why don't you try it?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Manhattan Accident Lawyer

It was a pretty bad news we got a week ago that a good friend had an accident. Good thing that she didn't get hurt that bad, only bruises and scratches. But then she had to hire a Manhattan Accident Lawyer to claim what she deserves to get. Her car was totaled and the one who hit her should pay for it. Luckily, she was safe, it could have been worse if she got seriously hurt. Thanks goodness, and the other thing that she is thankful about it is, she didn't take her daughter with her, she would've hysterically panic if ever.

Online Business Degree

Summer vacation is almost here yet a friend of mine didn't think that she would have the vacation i was talking about. She wanted to finish her online business degree as soon as she can so she can find a good job that will give her much better future. She is so anxious to get her studies done so she can find herself a better job so she can make more money and give her children's needs. She is one tough woman i must say, a single mother yet full of energy and a free spirited woman that always has a positive attitude.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Pacman/Mosley Fight

I will assume that most of you saw the fight of Manny "PACMAN" Pacquiao with Sugar Shane Mosley. Of all Pacman's fight that i watched, that was the most boring match i ever saw. Mosley was trying to defend himself by covering his face while Pacman was trying to punch him but too hesitant to get too close to Mosley because Mosley has longer arms than he does.

Anyway, even though that the game was not that exciting for us, we still enjoyed our get together and our sumptuous dinner that we all prepared. We always bring something each one of us for all of us to enjoy and taste everyone's delicacies. I always am excited every time we have gatherings because that's the only time i get to enjoy being outside with my friends.

And of course the picture taking will always be there, lol! Here are few shots of yours truly during the gathering. I only brought my point and shoot camera. These photos are not that good quality since my poor point and shoot is old and soon will be replaced :).

When I Go For A Run

Thanks for the guest post by Emmett Coffey

A few years ago my husband and I decided that since our daughter would soon be starting school we would like to live in a safer neighborhood, so we moved. We found a new neighborhood that was constructed in old style charm with cottage and bungalow style homes.

We were so happy in our new neighborhood and then I started to get to know our lovely, friendly and skinny neighbors. It became embarrassing to live among all those beautiful people and I admit I wanted to become one of them. A common factor between all of my friends was running. I understand why, in addition to our enchanting houses, the builders had included long streets and hiking trails.

With my weighing more than two of my pretty little neighbors combined, I was disconcerted to join their cute spandex selves and noticed that I have a fairly large basement. So, I decided to begin jogging in my basement. I run past the old vacuum cleaner and carpet shampooer. Then I round the corner and notice that I have too many storage crates. Next is the large clutter of toys and finally all of our books and movies.

Last year when my basement flooded I had to head over to the fitness center to run and I made sure to keep my home secure by setting my home security alarm ADT HOME SECURITY ).

Friday, May 6, 2011

Printer Ink Cartridges

Hubby is a little disappointed with the new operating system of our computers, the Windows 7. The reason is, he can't install the webcam we have been using since we got the old XP computers we had, also the windows vista. Now that we have this latest operating system, it won't recognize both our printer and webcam. Hubby already tried calling the customer's representative but i guess there is nothing they can do about it, they said that we have to also buy the newer models of the webcam and the printer enable for us to use it. So that's why hubby is upset too about it because these two are still working so well and he doesn't like replacing things when it still works. Anyway, the printer and the webcam are now just decorations in there by son's desktop.

Anyway, speaking of printer, i need to be able to find a cheap ink because a friend of mine asked me if i can do a favor for him. He wants the cheap ones because he prints files and some other things everyday that he needs for his growing business. So having a cheap printer ink will save him some money buying those expensive ones. And he does need it as soon as possible. Good thing i found the best place where he can get the inkjet cartridges that he wants to get. If ever hubby buys a new printer for us, i know now where to get cheap ink cartridges so we don't have to pay much.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Priceless Blessings I Have

I became a mother when my oldest son came out into this world just around the time when the world celebrated the mother's day in the year of 2005. He was the most precious gift i ever received that year. I still can completely remember what i felt when i first saw and held him in my arms. He was so soft and delicate! I shed tears of joy, and while looking at his angelic face, there were lots of questions back in my mind that i could not answer myself right then. But there's one thing i was thankful that day, my baby came out big and healthy!

I gave birth three times, but as you might know already that my second child isn't with me anymore. So i am now enjoying my motherhood being with my two boys. Though they may be quite different in so many ways and has their own personalities, but my love for them is never been less, i both love them equally and unconditionally. They are my joys and the source of my every strength. They are the reason why i get the privilege to celebrate mother's day every year :) So to all the mother's in the world, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! Not all women are lucky enough to have a child, so enjoy being a mother especially when they are still little, for you will surely miss them soon as they all grow.
My mother's day present :)

Ipod Touch

I am very impressed of my brother because until now he's still got the ipod touch that i gave him three years ago. And take note, it still looking good as new! I did not regret that i gave that to him because i can see that he's taking care of it really well. He's the kind of person that you would love to give a nice and fairly expensive presents because he does know how to give value of things you give him. I guess he must be like me, it don't matter to me how expensive or how cheap the things i get from someone, as long as they are heartily given, then i will keep them and value them.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Consumer Reports

It is very helpful to read some consumer reports if you aren't that sure of the products that you wanted to buy or about to buy. That way, you'll learn something from the reviewers based by their experience of the products. Of course they will let others know if they got the products worth and is working like what they expected it to be. So before buying certain things, you might want to consider reading some reviews, it won't hurt you and it won't cost you at all. Instead, it will give you knowledge and will make you realize of some things that you might and might not know or do and don'ts.

Keep Your Home Safe

I would say that we all want our house to be safe from burglar or anything right? Especially when you leave for a nice vacation and even though that your house has a dead bolt, still you cannot rely on to it. This home automation is one excellent idea for the family that leaves their house all the time. Like for example, if both parents are working and the kids goes to school and no one will be in the house for long hours. With this device, it will be easy for you to keep track of your house wherever you go. That way, you will leave your house with peace of mind and has confidence that nothing is gonna happen and you will go home and see your house just like how you left it.

Fast Acting Weight Loss Pills

Because there are a lot of weight loss pills that are now sold in the market, some people are having hard time to choose which one is best and will work for them like what they wanted it to be. And as far as what i heard, this pink magic is one of the best pills in the market that works fast. Some people don't have much of a patience to wait for the result, they want to see the result as soon as it should be. If i am the one's taking some pills, i wouldn't want to wait for a delayed result either, i would like to see it as fast like what most pills commercial is bragging about.

Was She Asking For A Kiss?

Indeed, Utah has an unpredictable weather. I was so disappointed earlier because i took my kids for a walk and headed to the park so they can enjoy the beautiful day. It was perfect weather, the sun shone so bright and the breeze wasn't that chilly as well. So after i went for an hour jog/walk, i decided to take them to the park. And as my kids were just about to enjoy their stay in the park, the dark clouds came in and had to tell my oldest son that we need to leave before the rain starts to pour on us.

He was upset because he found his girl classmate in the park and was so happy that they will be going to play together. But then, due to the nature interrupting their play, we had to leave right then. He was whining as we walked back home that he wanted to stay, he's got a lot of excuses just to have me let him stay in the park. So i told him that all the kids are starting to leave with their parents because they also realized that the rain is about to pour. They packed their things up and left. So since we just walked, we had to head home as fast as we can so we won't get wet.

Anyway, i am glad that i was able to capture some snaps of my son with his classmate before we left the park, and of course with my little potato. Some were actually taken with their knowledge, but this first picture below was stolen. I was a little bit farther from them because i want them to enjoy their talk as kids. But this one looked like she was asking for a kiss. I teased my son, and he told me that no, she wasn't asking for a kiss from him. He said that she wanted to taste his soda and my son wanted to taste hers as well. Silly kids aren't they? So that really answers the question why the girl is pouting her lips on the first picture. LOL!
Was she asking for a kiss? LOL!His classmate, AriahHis classmate, AriahBusy kids

I Wanna Be A Professional Photographer

Going back to school is always been in my mind still. Even though that i have two boys to take care of now, i would love to finish my studies still and will get the program that i would like to finish. I used to dream to be a nurse before, but i guess somehow, i became a nurse now to my family, a private nurse, exclusively for my own family only. So, that made me happy realizing that i got the course that i have been wanting to get, to be a nurse, it's just that, i am not paid with money doing my job, instead i am paid with my family's love.

Anyway, now that i am getting hooked into photography, i said to myself that since there a lot of Online Schools nowadays, i might as well take the online degree programs in photography. I have been searching for it nearby where i can go to everyday and graduate to be a professional photographer. But then since i live in a small city, there is not much school here that offers that kind of program to take. I have to go all the way to next big city to take that. And that would be impossible for me to do knowing i got two boys with me all the time.

Luckily, i found the website right away without hassle, i found the online program just like what i wanted through searching it in the free application for federal student aid of I am taking the photography seriously, and it is because i love this hobby, i know in time, i will succeed.

One Less Mess To Worry

Indeed kids are different and has their own personality soon as they come out in this world. My two boys are so different in many ways. The oldest one is a lot quieter and a serious type, unlike his little brother is more aggressive and bully. Not only that, the oldest one doesn't really make a mess during when he was just a baby, but this little potato of mine loves to make a mess all the time. Yes, that's right, he loves to make a mess and get into things that he's not supposed to. That's why i can never keep the house clean and tidy.

He never miss not one corner of our house. Even in the kitchen he likes to hang out and bang those pans and its lids there. Our cabinets is below the sink so it is easy for him to just turn the door and get into the pans and makes so much noise, and of course scatter them all over the kitchen floor. So i told hubby that we need to put away those pots we have where our little one can't reach it no more. Hubby said that the best we can do is to have the enclume pot racks where we can hang them and it will be out of his reach. Good thing that only pots he can reach, we made sure that he won't be able to manage to get into the sharp things like the knives.

This enclume potracks is such a perfect idea in our kitchen to have. I am just a little annoyed and sick of keep putting back all those pans and pots back to where i put them and later on finds out that my little one got them all out again, and again, and again! Ugh! So tiring isn't it? And not only that, not to mention he's got all over the house to mess up. Soon as we get the enclume pot rack, it will be one less mess for me to worry about :D