Saturday, November 29, 2008

Very Busy Life

I got really busy for the past few days. Last Wednesday, we went to the store to buy some groceries, Thursday was our Family Thanksgiving, Friday, i was with my dear friends and went to our friend's Thanksgiving party. And later today, Hubby and i are going to take our son to a train ride. He is excited about it, he has been telling us how excited he is to ride the train. And today is the day that we are going to ride, he is been waiting for this day.

But anyway, i really had fun last night with my dear friends, we sang and we danced. And of course, to remember what happened last night, we took some pictures as our friendship's keepsake. Here they are!

Wonderful Idea

Hubby's birthday will be tomorrow and i still don't have anything that i can think of what to give for my dear husband. Good thing my friend shared her idea to me and she just gave me such a very perfect idea for a perfect gift for my dear beloved behalf. She said that she gave her husband a Nikon Ultimate Hunter's Package Promo. When i viewed it, i got excited because this is what exactly my husband is looking for. Thank you so much friend for sharing this very wonderful idea to me. I truly appreciate you for being so nice. I am sure hubby will be so happy soon as he gets this nice gift from that is very useful for him.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Before i go to bed i wanna make sure that i leave my greetings here in my blog to my avid readers. Thank you so much for dropping by and leaving some thoughts to my entries. I truly appreciate all your thoughts and concerns. And because you guys are very kind to me, all i wish for you is to have a very happy Thanksgiving day tomorrow! Enjoy the holiday and don't eat too much Turkey Lurkey! lols!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Christmas Wishlist

I am not really into wearing dresses a lot. But i just came across to a website that has so many sales that can make me like crazy. I have been eyeing some of their beautiful products that i want to get. I have some samples below of their products that i would like to get for myself but since paid blogging is not doing very good nowadays, i couldn't buy them yet. Although i must say that i am very lucky and blessed today but i am referring the days had passed that i haven't got any, not even a penny lols! Well, for you to see the wish list i want to get for me, here it is! So whad yah think guys? Do you think i will look good on this black dress matching with black cute boots?

He Needs A Break

My uncle is kind of sad because he will be by himself this Christmas time. He lives nearby Las Vegas and I feel so sorry for him because he has no one to celebrate this holiday seasons. That's why i told him that he might like to go and play golf since he is not tied up with any appointments. For sure he will be entertained with this kind of past time. He can get the excellent Female Caddy Service. He should be out once in a while, he's been busy lately and wearing himself out, now that holiday season is coming, this is perfect gift i can give to him, although not really to be called presents, but at least i gave him such a wonderful idea to unwind.

Never Did Expect This

I talked to my husband last night telling him how much i feel bad because i wasn't able to send my dear mother some financial support last month and this month due to my blogging is not doing good nowadays. Although my mother understood my situation, but i just couldn't help but to feel bad about it. But today i am really happy knowing that i making good money, good enough than what i am expecting to get today. Haven't get some opportunities lately and now i got some, should i say i am lucky today? Well, i better hurry and post this interim so i can post another opportunities!

Sports Traffic Radar Guns

I can't believe how time flies so fast and i didn't even realized that Christmas is fast approaching! And 2009 is coming very soon, how's that? Are you guys ready to welcome the new year? Well, i am not really that ready to welcome it yet i would say but hey, who can stop it? lols! Probably my son will go to school next school year and that is what i am excited about. I am picturing out in my mind that i am taking my son to his school and wait for few ours to pick him up. I can't wait for that time to happen.

I have been few times in the school where my son is about to go. My friend took me there, she picked up her kids and watched her kid's game. I was just watching how things going on in the school so when the time that my son goes to school i am familiar already around the school. I was impressed one time that my friend said something how fast is her son stroke the ball. So she told me that they can track it through the Sports and Traffic Radar Guns. I didn't know there is such thing like that! I thought radar is only being used by policemen to track the speeders on the road, but now i know that there is certain things for everything.

Fun Photos

I was really bored when a friend chatted with me for a little bit. She then shared this fun website where i can put my own photo with it. I was having fun and she was glad that it entertained me. She said that she wants to help me with my boredom and mixed emotions even for just a quick entertainment. How kind of her, bless her heart for being so concern about me. That's the kind of friend i treasure in my heart forever. But anyway, i would like to share some of my photos that i came up to.

He's Very Excited!

I can't think of anything what to give to my son this coming Christmas. When we talk about toys, he's got so much and always scattered everywhere i sometimes gets tired keep picking them up and put them away. In fact, i got really mad last night because i just barely put his toys away and little bit after he got them scattered again. I know, i know that he's just a kid and that is normal for a kid like him to play. But i tried to explain and let him understand that i cannot always follow his mess and clean it up for him, he's got to learn to put his toys away so i don't have to get rid some of it.

So, i was looking here in the net what is the best thing i can give for my dear young man. And i cam across to this disney figurine. And it gave me an idea that this is really a perfect gift for my dear son. He will love this toy figurines that i am going to put on his room table and his headboard beside his neat lamp. And this is not just figurines, there's a lot of cartoon characters that i can choose from that he likes most like for example pooh, tigger and other friends. He is really excited upon seeing these toy figurines that i viewed just a little while ago. Just for fun and to be different this time, i would like my son to understand that figurines is for looking and if he wants to play with them, he's got to learn how to put them back to its original place.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Interesting Hobby

I just couldn't stop myself from scrapping now. As i learned the techniques to it little by little, i become more interested to learn more so i can scrap like the what i call them EXPERTS. I really love their scrapping and everytime i view their design layouts, it makes me wanna make my own more. I love this hobby and it got me more excited to make more and learn more to it. I hope that in the future, i can design some layouts like the experts.

Anyway, these photos was taken when i just barely got there in Philippines. This was in my aunt Fely's house in Cebu. Her daughter Mariz (wearing stripe green top), celebrated her 16th birthday. This is just some member of my dear beloved family namely Mariz my cousin, Ate Josie my aunt(my mother's youngest sister), Tita Mods my sister in-law( my brother's wife), Jamaica my niece(Tita Mods and my brother's daughter), Lola(Nanay's mother), and of course yours truly. I got big family and i love them all.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Windy Thursday

I was gonna go to the store earlier with my son to buy some groceries but i decided not to because it is too windy outside. We get strong wind here so often because we are on top of the mountain. The elevation here is like almost 5000 feet high above sea level. I don't like going outside and the wind is so strong. Even my son noticed it and told me to look outside from the window. Christmas is getting so close and the air is just freezing for me already. I can't believe that it is Thursday already. one more working day and hubby won't be working for the whole week next week due to Thanksgiving holiday.

Before Christmas we have to celebrate the Thanksgiving first. I think we are not going to celebrate the holiday so special. We'll keep it simple since that day is also my husband's birthday. And i am hoping that next week is not gonna be windy like today so we can go out and have dinner somewhere. When it's windy like this, i just love to curl up my feet inside the sheet and drink some hot chocolate milk like what i am doing now.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Shy To Wear Mini Skirts

Earlier we chatted with my friend back in Illinois. We were talking about her problem before about her hairy legs. She was very conscious and not so comfortable to wear short pants or mini skirts because she doesn't have the guts to wear them since her legs is hairy. She had that problem for a long time and until she found out that her problem can be fixed in no time. So she went to a clinic that does the Laser Hair Removal in Chicago and got her problem solved. Right now, she is very happy with the result and she is now more comfortable to wear mini skirts and short pants like i do.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What Will Be This Time?

Yesterday hubby got home with a question for me. He told me that someone asked him at his workplace what is he going to give me this Christmas? The first Christmas gift i received from dear hubby was a digital camera which is until now it looks new still. The second Christmas gift was a DVD camcorder, the third Christmas was a Magic Sing cordless with two microphones. So this is going to be my fourth Christmas here in America and hubby is wondering what would i like to have this time. So i just replied that whatever he thinks is best for me and even if he won't give me anything, that won't lessen my love for him.

So anyway, he asked me what if he is going to give me a ATT Blackberry Bold this time? I had a smile in my face but couldn't really say i love his idea. Well, let's see if he really mean it because i saw him one time on the computer looking for a compare cell phone deals. He said that he found one good deal and he thinks that Verizon Wireless is a good deal for me. Also he is considering to get one himself because if he buy more that can save him some money and he will be able to call me when we are both away from the house. This Verizonwireless Storm is what exactly he's eyeing at for me. Hubby is very thoughtful, he thinks what i need and i don't really have to tell him about it. Also he is looking at this Sprint Instinct phone, which is about the same as Verizon wireless. Well, i just have to wait until Christmas and find out what hubby will get for me. No matter what it is, i am sure i am going to love it like what he gave to me for the past three years.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Cute Little Puppy

A friend came over yesterday and she brought a cute little puppy with her. She said she just bought it and she is going to give it to her husband since her husband's birthday is coming up so soon. That reminds me, and so as my husband's birthday is coming up in about two weeks from now! I am so bad i that almost forgot about his birthday! I had so many things that is going on in my mind. But i am glad it's not too late yet. Well, i haven't planned anything about his birthday yet, maybe i'll just take my family to go out and have dinner, nothing so special like preparing some delicious food and invite some friends to come over the house. This time, i'll make it simple for my dear husband's special day.

Anyway, back to the puppy, he is a cute little pitbull. My friend said that he is just 6 weeks old. As far as i know, pitbull are big and scary looking dog. But this one that i held in my arms is just too cute! Even my son was liking this cute pup. If you are a dog lover, can you resist this cute looking pitbull pup? Take a look!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Two Days Before She Left Me

I was debating myself between whether i post this video or better not. I have been depressed lately no matter how i tried to divert my attention from other things so to keep me busy and occupied. Every time hubby is away (at work), i am always being left alone. I cannot talk to my young son, for he cannot understand what i am feeling right now. Still, the deep wound in my heart is so fresh and it hurts so bad. Every time i view all the photos of my daughter i cannot help but to cry and wishing she is here with us now. I can't just put in my mind that she is happy now where she's at. Yes i agree that but i can't seem to overcome this feeling inside me, my emotions is eating me and i feel like i am drowning, i am trying to let go and get over this but my mind is too dull to understand all that.

This video i have here was taken two days before she passed away. She got bad already, she was mottling, her skin gotten dark, had some red spots and her breathing was not good anymore. In short she was in a bad shape on this video and i took this because i felt deep inside me that she is not going to survive the battle, but was still hoping she would but she didn't. I am thankful i had this video as my remembrance, though she is not with us no more but i still have this video that always reminds me how beautiful my daughter is and of course her memory will be in my heart forever.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Alpaca Boutique

Time for shopping since holiday is fast approaching! Aren't you excited about Christmas? I can feel the freezing air of winter and that only indicates that Christmas holiday is coming very quickly. Now is the perfect time to shop for a perfect presents to give for our dear loved ones. And if you haven't seen any good things to give yet, why not go to Alpaca Boutique where you can find all the fashion clothing you need for? Well, i better go there now before time runs out.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Early Christmas Giveaways

Mommy's Gibble Gabbles
Finally the contest at my Mommy's Gibble Gabbles blog has been posted yesterday. I am very happy knowing that a lot of bloggers are very interested to participate and join the fun. I am still hoping that more bloggers will find it out and will spread it more. The more the merrier as they say. So if you haven't visited my other site yet, you can take a peek now and see if you are interested to join. You have plenty of time to post an entry about it since the contest will last until December 08, 2008. So please visit my other site so you can read the whole thing about the contest. Just click the logo i have above to lead you to my other site where the contest is being posted. Have a blessed day!

Web Hosting Website

Blogging is been part of my daily routine. Without it, i don't think i would be occupied since my son does his own stuff or watching his favorite movies or Television shows. Blogging is really good because i make friends through here and express my thoughts through ranting it here in my blogs. It is also a good therapy for me since i am still dealing the pain about what just had happened.

Well, anyway that's why i chose a webhosting website that met my satisfaction because i want to keep my website forever. I have no trouble with my webhosting site, they have the service that i need and it is very easy for me to understand all the terms and conditions that they have in their webhosting site. Choosing the best webhosting site is the smartest way you should do if you are planning to own the website you have and keeping it as your daily journal or daily rant diary.

Friday, November 7, 2008

My Little Nipa Hut

I am not so sure if i showed you this little Nipa Hut of mine already, back home. This is my rest place during when i was at my mother's house. This little hut is just right in front of her yard. Too hot for my son to stay inside my mother's house during noontime so i decided to have this instead so he can take a nap, it is more fresh and open. But my dearest mom won't let us sleep there at night, she said let my brothers sleep there instead.

I Am A Shoes Addict

Of all the things i can't resist every time i go shopping is shoes. I don't know why that shoes is really fascinating to me. In fact, i got so many shoes stored in my closet already and my husband used to make fun of me hoarding shoes, panic buying as if i have no shoes to wear no more. I love shoes so much, those heeled ones and flat and cuties. Well, i am assuming it is not just me who love shoes. Women love shoes and i noticed that, aside from other things, shoes is the weakness of a woman.

Because i love shoes so much, i always get Payless coupon where i can see tons of selections of shoes. Not just for me but for my family as well. I like to have our shoes bought together so i can save more instead of buying it one by one. Hubby is not complaining if i buy shoes though because he sees that i am also being wise when it comes to buying things like shoes. I don't buy expensive ones just because of the name brand, i make sure that what i buy will fit to me good and of course i look good wearing it.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm Sick! I Am Ill!

Yes, i am sick! I am ill or i am not feeling too well. That's it! I don't know where i got this viral infection since i hardly go outside and prefer to stay here inside the house, but right now i am really sick! I am so sorry guys, i was gonna post my contest today in my other site but i am not feeling good to do anything at this moment. My taste buds is not that good either, tastes bitter and i keep on sneezing and my nose is watery, yikes!

I cannot stay here in front of my lappy so long or my eyes will pop out because of my terrible headache. Please forgive me fellow bloggers, i need to make myself well first, so i can do the things here better. I hope you all understand me. And thank you for all the bloggers who've been visiting me everyday. Thank you so much again and i hope i will be better as soon as possible.

Hubby Loves Tactical Pants

My husband is more into outside and he does a lot of things outside than here inside. He likes to travel as well like i do. We have the same interests as i would say, like traveling. We both love to travel a lot. And every time we travel, he likes to wear pants that he is more comfortable with it like tactical pants. Especially if we are driving so he can put things in his pocket and the things he needs is easy for him to find in his pocket with his tactical pants.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's Almost Done!

I am here tonight updating my blog and asking an apology to those who dropped by here today for i have not dropped you guys back. I just have so many things going on lately. Of course i have to take care of my family's needs first thing first before anything else. Plus i am trying to get my prizes finish so i can officially open the Christmas giveaways by Thursday i hope.

It's almost done though or if i cannot post it sometime this week, i am sure it will be early next week. Please bear me friends and visitors here, i promise that soon as this giveaways will be posted to my other blog, i can get back with you anytime. Just let me know that you dropped by so i can visit you back. So please forgive me, i will try to finish all this things going on and i assure you, i can visit you again and again. Thank you to those loyal droppers who keep coming back here. May you all have a peaceful night!

Internet Filters

I really thought that having a filter in the internet is safe enough. But when i found this internet filters, it made me realized that internet filters alone isn't enough to have my computer protected from pornographic material that pops out in the computer without my knowledge and no warning. It is a necessity that i get this internet filter so i can see those hidden pornographic material that can't be seen just by my naked eyes. I was really impressed how this thing can do good to my computer because if i wear the SurfRecon i can see those hidden pornographic materials. This is really amazing and i am now convincing you that you should have this internet filters as well so you can see what's hidden on your computer and your kids will be protected from those pornographic websites.

Monday, November 3, 2008

As You Noticed....

The layout of this blog has been updated by my friend Pretty Ivy. She is very kind for making my blog beautiful. I love the new look now and hope my visitors here will love the new look of this blog of mine. Thank you so much Pretty for making this lovely layout for me, i really admire your creativity, thank you once again!

Zenni Optical

Glasses is really important to me, i can't go outside the house without wearing it. I got my glasses from Zenni Optical. They so many Great Eyeglasses For Less that's why i bought mine in this store and i love my glasses because i chose the frame myself. Variable Dimension Frames From Zenni is the most nicest i ever seen and people won't find it hard to find glasses that will fit for them because they have all the selections at Zenni. In fact, Zenni Optical was on FOX news! So people should have been heard about this Zenni Optical.