Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What Will Be This Time?

Yesterday hubby got home with a question for me. He told me that someone asked him at his workplace what is he going to give me this Christmas? The first Christmas gift i received from dear hubby was a digital camera which is until now it looks new still. The second Christmas gift was a DVD camcorder, the third Christmas was a Magic Sing cordless with two microphones. So this is going to be my fourth Christmas here in America and hubby is wondering what would i like to have this time. So i just replied that whatever he thinks is best for me and even if he won't give me anything, that won't lessen my love for him.

So anyway, he asked me what if he is going to give me a ATT Blackberry Bold this time? I had a smile in my face but couldn't really say i love his idea. Well, let's see if he really mean it because i saw him one time on the computer looking for a compare cell phone deals. He said that he found one good deal and he thinks that Verizon Wireless is a good deal for me. Also he is considering to get one himself because if he buy more that can save him some money and he will be able to call me when we are both away from the house. This Verizonwireless Storm is what exactly he's eyeing at for me. Hubby is very thoughtful, he thinks what i need and i don't really have to tell him about it. Also he is looking at this Sprint Instinct phone, which is about the same as Verizon wireless. Well, i just have to wait until Christmas and find out what hubby will get for me. No matter what it is, i am sure i am going to love it like what he gave to me for the past three years.

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Renz said...

awww..Can I have one too? =))